Greece: Store-zoo sponsor vandalized (Athens, 25/11/2011)

The last years a strenuous attack is becoming all the more distinctive around us. This of the imposition of the domination of the human species of the rest. this attack finds it’s ‘roots’ and ‘traditions’ in vomiting culture of anthropocentrism that defines the human species as the ultimate oppressor who will use every means so as to satisfy his fictitious needs and also his sick pleasures. Nothing escapes from the mechanism of ‘usage’ in the form of utilization of all the physical and animal world. For example a stream or a free animal in nature have no self-worth unless they become drinkable water, steak on our plate, pet, attraction, exhibit, etc.

The same tactic of oppression is used amongst our species. The human animal have no self-worth unless they make up a piece of a stereotype social role or a gear in capitalistic chain of production. Worker-employer-unemployed-boss, woman-wife-mother-lover, man-‘family guard’-financier, legal – illegal, gender discriminations, etc. In this war we need a critical sight so as to distinguish the parallel properties of the exploiter and the one who is being exploited.

The worker who is being exploited by the boss, he is maybe exploiting his own species and at the same he is dominant against nature and the rest of the species.

The deconstruction of these rotten forms is imperative regardless where they come from and also where they are heading to.

One of these forms is also the industry of attraction, with the animal as the protagonists. Taken from different corners of the earth and placed in a few meters of ‘freedom’ that are provided by the mechanism of zootechnics, they receive the most harsh attack that one can handle. The violent kidnap from their native environment, their birth and also their everlasting stay in enslavement.

In the altar of profit, in conditions of modern prisons of attraction, behind the mask of entertainment, the educational training and the so called biodiversity sustainability, captive animals in the role of the entertainer – exhibit – product are ready for ‘consumption’ from the ‘buyers’ public.

Basically only a subordinate society could see in the place of their enslaved brothers a recreational or educational spectacle, satisfying in this way their alienated wants. From the above entertainment slave market our beloved multinational sponsors could not be absent, suspecting that in this game there are a lot of money involved and expanding their field of exploitation also outside of the human species.

They have chosen to sponsor the accommodation of a popular convict. His name is Puma and its sponsor is our well known Puma company.

For this reason a ‘link’ of this chain of stores located in Mesogeion street in Athens has become a target.

On Friday the 25/11/2011 it received a symbolic paint attack in the front displays and on the logo sign.

This attack is in solidarity for the total liberation activist Walter Bond.


Source: Bite Back

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