Marco Camenisch

Marco Camenisch was arrested for the first time in January 1980 for sabotaging power cables and an electricity pillar of the Swiss electricity company. On his trial, he denied the jurisdiction of the court and read a text, which promoted eco-anarchist sabotage.

He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, but he escaped in December 1981. During his jail break, a prison guard was killed and another one was severely injured. In 1989, while Marco was still underground, he is accused by the Swiss police for the execution of a border guard.

In November 1991, he was ambushed by Italian cops. During the shootout, he and cop got injured. He was arrested and sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment for several attacks and sabotages of electricity pillars.

In April 2002, he was extradited in Switzerland and in 2004 he was sentenced for the execution of the border guard. This sentence was nullified as it went over the 2o years maximum sentence limit of the Swiss law system.

He is now kept in Lenzburg prison and all his requests to be released, have been rejected. He is also prosecuted, among other anarchists, by “Ardire” operation.

The comrade’s writings:

Switzerland: Letter from Marco Camenisch about his hunger strike

Letter of Marco Camenisch about the latest anti-anarchist construct in Italy

Second letter of Marco Camenisch about the latest anti-anarchist construct in Italy

Revolutionary greetings from imprisoned anarchist Marco Camenisch, on the occasion of the event for the Revolutionary Struggle case (Athens, 7–8 June 2012)

Answer to the call by CCF

Marco Camenisch begins new hunger strike solidarity initiative

Three letters of advice for saboteurs from Marco Camenisch

Prison address:

Marco Camenisch
PF 75, CH-5600
Lenzburg, Suiza

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