Italy: Attack against butcher shop (Milan, 31/12/2012)

Some human beings celebrate the end of a shitty year, compensating their alienation with false and pre-planned entertainments. This is one of the many celebrations created by capitalism for increasing their profits and make more endurable to people their condition of voluntary slaves.

But there are individuals who didn’t choose their chains, and whose bodies need to be erased or commercialized for the functioning of the system: the animals in farms, zoos, laboratories, the prisoners in jails, detention centers for immigrants and psychiatric facilities, the indigenous populations oppressed by the advance of progress, the people under the bombs of the democratic western States, the lives destroyed by gender violence, and so on.

We don’t celebrate on command, but we rejoice with every single action that opens a crack in the established order, with every act of vengeance and resistence.

For this reason in the night of 31/12 we decide to celebrate in our own way, attacking a butcher’s shop of Milano (Italy), blocking the locks with liquid steel, throwing paint at the entrance, damaging the sign and smashing 4 windows with hammers.

Individualities tending to sabotage

Source: Bite Back

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