Claudio Lavazza

Claudio Lavazza has spent his entire life in the underground anarchist struggle, taking part in armed attacks, expropriations, liberations of other combatants and in diffusing anarchist propaganda in many ways in Italy and elsewhere.

He was arrested in 1996, in a bank robbery in Cordoba (Spain), during which two cops were shot dead.

The comrade has a whole of 118 years prison sentence· 11 years for an armed occupation of the Italian consultant’s office in Malaga, in order to send a message of solidarity to the anarchists prosecuted for the “Marini” case in Italy, 77 years from Italian courts and 30 years from a court in France.

He is confined in F.I.E.S. status in Spain.

The comrade’s writings:

Short interview by Contra Info with anarchist prisoner Claudio Lavazza

Document of anarchist prisoner Claudio Lavazza on some initiatives of resistance in Spanish prisons

Prison address:

Claudio Lavazza
Teixeiro module 11
Carretera de Paradela s/n
15310 Teixeiro-Curtis
A Coruña

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