Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva escaped in 2004 from F.I.E.S. prison status in Spain, where he was imprisoned for a series of attacks.

After his escape, he was arrested in a road block in Germany and received a 13 years sentence.

He has spent more than 24 years in prison, 14 which in isolation confinement.

He remains active with his extremely aggressive writings, which have cost him another prosecution in relation with “Ardire” operation, just before his release date.

The comrade’s writings: Gabriel Pombo Da Silva – “Don Pedro” (an authentic stoic) Gabriel Pombo da Silva – For a black Christmas! Gabriel Pombo Da Silva: Introduction to the French Edition of Xosé Tarrío González’ Huye, Hombre, Huye The Attack Continues A letter in solidarity with Marco Camenish by Gabriel Pombo Da Silva Prison address:

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
 Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
Topas Prison – Salamanca.
Ctra. N-630, km. 314
37799 Topas (Salamanca)

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