Spain: Liberation of 29 rabbits (13/04/2013)

On the night of April 13, 2013, Animal Liberation Front activists opened the cages of thirty rabbits who were to be killed in a few days.
The initial goal was to get many more out, but when we arrived we saw that because of their enormous size and weight it would be impossible to liberate the number we had thought, so with great effort we carried away our backpacks full of our new and surprised friends.

If you’ve ever seen the terrified eyes of an animal in a cage and then felt their heart beating next to yours at the time of their release, you know exactly the meaning of Animal Liberation.

After seeing them locked in small cages without soil, and then later see them walk and feel the wild life, you know that while you have strength, you won’t stop fighting for Total Liberation.

We’re not going to ask for their cages to be larger or comfortable.
We’re not going to ask that the conditions in which they are tortured in experiments are ‘improved’,
We’re not going to ask that when they are killed, that it be done ‘humanely’ …
None of this is ever going to be enough.

We have learned that we can’t wait for the social conditions to work in our favor, we can not hope for anything from the exploiters.
They will not change, but neither will we!
We will always be there and we will do what we can to make their lives miserable.

The other night 29 rabbits learned for the first time what it is to feel fresh air and that made us feel free as well. But there are still millions of animals in cages and unfortunately we can’t get all of them out.
Anyway… TRY IT!

As a group we also want to say a couple of things. One is that we want total liberation. And the other is that we will fight wherever we can to achieve it, but we will not mix with fascist bastards to do it, in any way! We want nothing to do with them. They can use whatever name they want, we will always consider them our enemies. Appearing to us as part of the systematic domination that sickens this planet, we repeat, we will never accept or allow ourselves to be confused with such garbage.


We want to send a greeting of freedom to Noelia Cotelo, who has suffered alarmingly in recent months the torture and abuse of a system based on exploitation, deception and murder…
‘Noelia, the night of April 13, you were in the minds and hearts of those of us who carried out that liberation. We do not care if you’re vegan or not, if you approve of our actions or if to the contrary they mean nothing to you. Nonetheless, this night is for you.

Animal Liberation Front – Kodama Cell

Source: Bite Back

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