Spyros Mandylas

Spyros Mandylas was a member of Anarchist Squat Nadir, in Thessaloniki. He was arrested in 11/07/2013 and he was initially prosecuted for all acts of the “Phoenix”  Project, that happened in Greece but now he faces charges only for the 4th act and for allegedly being part of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The comrade will face two more trials concerning the first (4/12/2010) and the second (June 2012) police invasion in Nadir squat. The trial for the “Phoenix” Project is in progress since 04/06/2014. The comrade has also denied to serve his mandatory military service and he is going to face military tribune. He has been released after the end of the 18-month pre-trial detention that was imposed om him concerning the “Phoenix” project case but he was arrested again on 10/03/2015 after his sentencing (without him being present in the trial) to 7 years of imprisonment and a 5.000 euro fine about the case “Thessaloniki squats” which concerns some ruptures within anarcist circles of Thessaloniki in 2012. He is detained in A wing in Korydallos prison.

The comrade’s writings:

Text by anarchist prisoner Spiros Mandilas about his new arrest and his hunger strike

Open letter by Spyros Mandylas concerning the trial about the conflict within the movement in 2012 in Thessaloniki

Statement of Spyros Mandylas in the trial about the case of “Phoenix” project

Greece: Text of the anarchist Spiros Mandilas about the Anarchist Squat Nadir

Letter from Spyros Mandylas on the occasion of the examination of his pre-trial detention

Letter of captive anarchist Spyros Mandylas from Koridallos men’s judicial prison

Prison address:

Spyros Mandylas
Dikastiki Filaki Korydallou – Α’ Pteriga,
T.K. 18110, Korydallos
Athens, Greece

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