Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero (“Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” Case)

Francisco Solar and Monica Caballero were arrested in the 13th of November 2013, in Barcelona, Spain and are accused of executing the bombings at the cathedral of La Almudena in Madrid and the cathedral del Pilar in Zaragoza. They are also accused for another action, an attack at the monastery of Moncherat in Barcelona, which they were supposedly planning. They two bombings have been claimed by the group “Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral”.

Monica and Francisco have been previously arrested, detained and trialed for “Caso Bombas”, an anti-anarchist campaign, which has been launched by the state of Chile in 2010. All the accused were found non-guilty that time (2012). Now they are undergoing a pre-trial detention in F.I.E.S. and are accused of participating in the international network of direct action FAI/IRF by police and judicial authorities.

The comrades’ writings:

Text by anarchist comrade Monica Caballero about the recent arrests

Words from comrade Monica Caballero

Writing of comrade Francisco Solar for the 5 years after the death of combative anarchist Mauricio Morales

Words of anarchist Francisco Solar from the prison of Navalcarnero

A letter from comrades Monica and Francisco

Prison addresses:

Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
C.P. de Villabona
Finca Tabladiello
33480 Villabona-Llanera (Asturias)
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Centro Penitenciario de Ávila
Ctra. de Vicolozano
C. P: 05194
Brieva (Ávila), España

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