Letter from CCF about Hristodoulos Ksiros



The urban guerrilla Hristodoulos Xiros, is now unrepentantly crossing the land of freedom. A land distant for those, who forgot the attack and who were bent by the hope of a change, without putting their own hands into the fire.

A land near to those, who have given so much to the struggle and who still live with the desire to give even more.

There is where life, comradeship and insurrection are born…in negations and in tough decisions.

Take care comrade…

Strength to the unrepentant prisoners of 17th November*


P.S. Journalists, you crows, your lies will bury you. Keep your forked tongues away from the comrade.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF (Prison Cell)

* R.O. 17th November was a leftist urban guerrilla group, which operated in Greece from 1974 until 2002. The group’s actions included armed robberies, weapon expropriations, executions, bombings and armed attacks against several capitalistic, government and imperialist targets. Hristodoulos Ksiros was one of the unrepentant imprisoned members of the group. He violated the restriction orders while being on nine-days leave from prison last night and he is wanted ever since.


Translated by Inter Arma

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