Inter Arma’s announcement about adding new features


After an 1-month trial period of Inter Arma’s functioning, we have decided to add two new features on our website. Their purpose is both to establish a minimum level of interaction among comrades as well as to give emphasis to dialectics, analysis and theoretical elaboration within the insurrectionary and new anarchy.

As far as our first purpose is concerned, we have decided to offer commenting possibility below each post, subject to preliminary approval of each comment. We stress that no comment will be published that cuts across our publishing terms or has offensive content or exposes persons and situations. Anyone who just wants to swear, slander, speculate and defuse him/herself may do so somewhere else.

Concerning the second purpose, a new distinct category-column will be added, publishing texts-articles that will be sent to Inter Arma. Their content may be relevant either to current news or to the general theoretical context in which our project places itself. Preliminary approval will be applied again so as to ensure that the character of the project will not be altered and that each text will not contradict our publishing terms.

For texts and suggestions our e-mail address may be used, as well as the contact form which offers the ability to attach files. To directly communicate with Inter Arma there is also the project’s IRC channel.

Inter Arma


  1. καλησπερα παιδια ολα καλα στο σιτε απλα αν μπορειτε κοιταξτε και το προβλημα με android γιατι απο τα κινητα και τα ταμπλετ δεν φαινεται καλα το σιτε..
    λυσσα και συνειδηση

    • NonServiam {Inter Arma} says:

      Καλησπέρα, δυστυχώς έχει να κάνει με το τρόπο που προσαρμόζεται το theme στην εκάστοτε συσκευή και δε μπορούμε να επέμβουμε.

  2. ούτε σε iphone5 δεν φαίνεται καλά.. μήπως να αλλάζατε theme?

    • NonServiam {Inter Arma} says:

      Η επιλογή του theme έγινε έτσι ώστε να ταιριάζει όσο το δυνατόν καλύτερα σε αυτό που θέλαμε να κάνουμε. Με τα υπάρχοντα δεδομένα δε γίνεται να αλλάξει. Δεν είναι ότι δε μας ενδιαφέρει το ζήτημα, απλά δε μπορούμε να κάνουμε κάτι επί του παρόντος.

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