Greece: Attack against the Thessalian Meat Market (Volos, 19/04/2014)

one-struggleDuring these days in Greece (Easter), thousands of non-human animals are being murdered for the hedonic and sadistic consumption of their dead flesh at the festive tables of the christians. We decided to celebrate with a different way. So, at the daybreak of the 19th of April, we made an attack against the Thessalian Meat Market at the city of Volos, breaking its windows, and painting and causing damages to the transport truck of the company. The same store has been a target of attack again in the past, so it has come the time for some people to understand that if they continue to profit from the suffering of non-human animals, they will find us in their way with much more aggressive means.

Civilization and capitalism, since the beginning of their existence, using concepts and practices like property and incarceration, they imprison, torture and murder billions of non-human animals to ensure the food, health, progress and welfare of the human species, setting the foundation for the anthropocentric worldview, under which, humans are above the other species and everything exist for them to exploit. Even if it is anthropocentric, the power does not leave humans out of the circle of their enslavement – hierarchy, patriarchy, nations, wage slavery, societies with inequalities – . The onslaught of modern totalitarianism swells on the one hand the incarceration and exploitation of animals (livestock, vivisection, circuses with animals, zoos, pet-shops) and on the other hand of humans whose ideas and actions are against the smooth operation of the system (prisons, concentration camps for immigrants). For these reasons we do not consider Total Liberation (Animal-Earth-Human) a separate part of the anarchist struggle, but an integral part of it.

Until the demolition of every cage/prison, nothing is free!

Solidarity with the political prisoners

Strength to everyone revolting in and out of prison


Source: Bite Back

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