Direct actions for animal liberation (April 2014)


Germany: Paint attacks at fur store and furrier’s home

On the night of April 1, 2014 two addresses were visited in Berlin, in connection with the sale of fur. The first action took place at Bärbel Thasler, a store that offers a wide range of clothing with fur trim. At 48 Alt-Rudow Street, the display window was covered in black paint. The second action was at Bärbel’s home, 56 Am Espenpfuhl. There, red paint was poured over the windshield of her car. Until Bärbel stops her murderous desires.

-Fur is murder!-

U.S.A.: Locks glued at meat industry suppliers

On the night of April 10th, the locks were glued at Market Supply Co. (139 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR) and McGraw Marketing Co. (2514 SE 23rd Ave, Portland OR) also had its lock jammed with liquid nails. These businesses were targeted for providing equipment and logistical support to slaughterhouses and meat ‘processing’ facilities all across the Pacific Northwest. Both these companies play a vital role in the everyday functioning of an industry that subjugates and murders millions of sentient animals every day.

These minor acts were done in solidarity with animal liberation prisoner Kevin Olliff.

-Revenge of the Cows

France: Three crows liberated, trap smashed

On April 11, I went to Novéant (France) to release crows (or young rooks), prisoners in traps.
In a large trap I found 2 crows who I quickly released. In a small trap, there was also a crow but she was too weak to fly; I think she had muscle wasting, so I brought her home and kept her for a few days in an aviary of 2.5 x 3.5 meters until her wing muscles strengthened.

I destroyed the small trap by jumping on it; it is totally unusable now. The big trap could not be destroyed by hand; I need to return at night with pliers. Here are some pictures from a video that I made. The crow that I recovered regained strength in my aviary with an appropriate diet and fresh water. I released her after 48 hours after tagging and deworming. I shared a photo of the released crow, with a red ring.

U.S.A.: Locks glued at store selling “items” from fur farms, hunters and trappers

On the early morning of April 14th, Paxton Gate, Portland had its locks filled with liquid steel. Paxton Gate profits from the sale of mutilated animal corpses, including fur farmed silver fox tails. Also many of the dead animals sold by this company were killed by trapping. A brutal practice in which trapped animals will sometimes suffer for days until they are finally killed by hunters or succumb to their wounds. As long as Paxton Gate continues to perpetuate the exploitation of non-human animals for profit, they can expect more disruption to their business.

-Furious Foxes

Netherlands: Hunting seats demolished

During a night and early morning under a full moon, two hunter’s seats were destroyed. The wooden seat was sawn into pieces. All nuts were removed from another hunting cabin on legs, trusting that at next use gravity will do its work. As long as the animals are threatened in their existence there will be folks who will stand up for them with direct actions and fair hand tools.

Join in and demolish the killing machine!

Czech Republic: Three ducklings liberated

3 ducklings have been liberated in Czech. They have a new home now, where they can live on a fresh air. Instead of slaughter they can live naturally according to their needs. We could place just 3, so the rest of the imprisoned animals stay in our minds.

Go vegAn

U.S.A.: Paint splattered at manufacturer of primate cages

On the night of April, 27th, in commemoration of World Week for Animals in Laboratories, a visit was paid to Carter2 Systems, Inc. (2750 SE 39th Loop, Hillsboro, OR) a manufacturer and supplier of primate cages to vivisection laboratories. Red paint was splattered across the glass door and walls of the companies sales office to symbolize the blood of the millions of nonhuman animals tortured and killed for research and cosmetic testing every year; an atrocity in which this company is directly complicit.

This act was done in solidarity with the Gateway To Hell campaign and with the 4,800+ nonhuman primates held captive at the Oregon National Primate Research Center located just down the street from this facility. Their pain is our own.

United Kingdom: Caged hens liberated

100 caged hens were liberated on an action in the south of England, they will live out there lives free from fear. This action is dedicated to our friends and comrades Debbie Vincent and Ebba who have both recently been imprisoned in the uk and sweden.

Until all are free

Germany: Circus posters destroyed

In april circus montana visited the city of freiburg. we destroyed more than 30 circus posters. further we destroyed a big zoo-advertisement-banner. stop animal abuse!!! for all alf-prisoners worldwide. until every cage and every cell is empty.


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