Direct actions for animal liberation (15-25 June 2014)


USA: Mobile slaughter unit sabotaged

On the night of June 14th, we sabotaged the fuel system of a mobile slaughter unit located at the Meating Place (6495 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro, OR) by introducing a corrosive chemical to both of its diesel tanks–causing thousands of dollars in damages and rendering it inoperable. Although this act will only serve as a temporary reprieve for the cows, pigs, goats, and sheep that are slated to be killed by this machine of death, it can at least ensure a few slaughter free days.

This company uses the language of ‘sustainability’ and ‘humane treatment’ to obscure the violence and exploitation inherent to their business.  There is nothing humane about sentient animals having their throats slit open, being hung-up, and dismembered as if they were nothing more then mere objects–with no value beyond the dollar sign attached to their flesh. The only true humane alternative is to destroy the machines that torture and slaughter sentient animals.

This action is dedicated to anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid.

* The Meating Place LLC is custom-exempt facility that is licensed in the state of Oregon to conduct on-farm slaughtering of cows, pigs, sheep, and goats for personal non-commercial consumption only, however this licensing does allow for the commercial slaughter of ‘non amenable’ species such as domestic deer and bison for resale to retailers, restaurants, and farmers markets. Although the overall number of animals killed at these custom-exempt facilities is relatively small compared to their larger federally inspected counterparts, these mobile facilities serve as crucial infrastructure for smaller niche industries and markets.

Turkey: Dogs freed from animal-selling store

According to a report on, during a June 15 protest in the Kadiköy district of Istanbul against proposed changes to an animal protection law, activists entered a pet store and rescued two dogs after clashing with the store owner.

Australia: Actions against kangaroo culling

Late on June 16, activists broke into a Parks and Conservation Service depot in Farrer (Canberra) by cutting through a security fence and then slashed tires and broke windows on 10 vehicles. Windows were also broken on the main building and “ALF” graffitied. According to media reports, a note calling for an end to the government’s kangaroo cull was left at the scene. Photos:

Earlier that day, fencing was discovered cut open at the Jerrabomberra Grassland West Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is one of eight in Canberra where kangaroos will be shot during the government cull between June 16 and July 31. The government’s intention is to kill 1,600 kangaroos (an unknown number of joeys will also be killed).

Czech Republic: Mink released from cages, vehicles damaged at two fur farms

We visited two fur farms in the last two weeks. At first were released approximately 50 minks from cages on the farm in Dolní Cerekev (farm is currently almost empty). During the second visit were damaged two cars and tractor, also with using pyrotechnic mixture – thermite. On the other farm in Velký Ratmírov were damaged truck, excavator and next things for managing the farm.

ARM, 20.6.2014

Ireland: ALF vandalize Ireland’s largest fur farm

Last week the ALF visited Vasa fur farm in Laois, Ireland.

Gates locked and entrance pillars spray painted.

They can look forward to many more fucked up mornings…

ALF Ireland

USA: Mobile slaughter unit sabotaged

Over the weekend, a mobile slaughter unit operated by Shoe’s Mobile Slaughter and Processing (14515 Coon Hollow Rd, Sublimity, OR) was decommissioned by having a gallon of bleach poured into its fuel tank. When the liquid bleach comes into contact with the diesel in the tank it will create a chemical reaction that will cause rapid corrosion to the unit’s fuel system–forcing it to seize up. For the time being this slaughter unit will be unable to be used to spill the blood of another animal.

This method of sabotage was chosen because it is silent, effective, and easily reproducible. Symbolic protest and consumer boycotts in and of themselves are not sufficient in addressing the immediate violence that is being carried out against non-human animals every second of everyday. Direct intervention is necessary to free imprisoned non-humans and to destroy the machines that facilitate their exploitation.

This action is dedicated to the memory of Clément Méric, a vegan and anti-fascist who was beaten to death by neo-nazis in Paris a little over a year ago. Just as we struggle against those who abuse and exploit non-human animals; we also take an uncompromising stance against the far-right’s attempts to not only infiltrate the animal liberation and environmental movements, but also against their attempts to assert themselves in society in general. Let Clément’s tragic death be a reminder of the necessity for the movement to maintain a strong anti-fascist ethic and to oppose the fascist scum at every turn.

“Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living.”

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