Spain: Update on the case against Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar


Οn Friday, July 4, it was announced that Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar will be prosecuted for terrorism. According to the judge, the cops, and the press, which are working side by side on this case, the two comrades “are linked to the FAI/FRI, an international terrorist organization based on insurrectionary anarchist ideology”.

Clearly the use of these acronyms, which has nothing to do with the claim of responsibility for the attack, is being used to justify the accusation for terrorism, since the EU has included these acronyms in its list of terrorist organizations.

Again according to the press and the police and judicial papers “inside this organization [FAI/FRI] both are believed to belong to the so called Coordinated Anarchist Groups (GAC)”.

The press, and in some cases the “alternative” press, has not stopped referring to this relation with the FAI/FRI despite the fact that this is nothing more than a creation of the police fantasy.

“A superstructure of independent violent groups in the style of islamist jihad” Periódico de Aragón wrote.

The rest of the comrades that were prosecuted for the same case have been acquitted. Mónica and Francisco are well and, although the press presents this as something novel, we all knew that they would face accusations for terrorism.

The situation is the same and in fact this means that judge Velasco has accepted the police hypotheses as valid so as to prosecute them.

We also know that the two comrades were happy to know that the rest of the comrades are now free of the case.

We send a warm embrace and strength to Mónica and Cariñoso.

Solidarity is stronger than their bars!


Translated by Inter Arma

Source: Radio Azione

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