Italy: Text in solidarity with Gianluca and Adriano


Last September, Gianluca and Adriano were arrested and imprisoned in solitary confinement on charges of subversive activity for the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order.

On July 18, there will be a court decision to a request, by the Public Prosecutor, of 8 years for Adriano and 9 years for Gianluca. This trial has been imposed by videoconferencing, as an additional form of punishment and isolation of the accused, which Gianluca and Adriano have refused to undergo.

On the same day, in the same Court, paradoxically, Manlio Cerroni’s trial will take place, the roman magnate of the “eco”-business on the waste cycle. “Justice” carries out its course: on one hand, condemns the one who dared to oppose the destruction of a territory; on the other hand sends to trial the one who made a profit out of the same case. We have no doubts about the different treatment reserved for the accused of the two ongoing trials. The State doesn’t take to trial the state itself, nor questions the logic of profit that, from Val Susa to Castelli Romani, exploit and make unliveable the places that we live. Environmental devastation will certainly not cease with Cerroni’s trial; management policies of “waste emergency” , keep on allowing institutions and businessmen to enrich themselves on the “eco”-business at the expense of those who live in the territories involved by their deadly plans.

For many years now, Castelli Romani are crossed by several struggles that, with different forms, are trying to put a stop to ruthless institutions and lobbies. We believe that there are different ways of fighting against the continuous poisoning, that state and capital keep propagating everywhere, and that each path of conflict, individual and/or collective, has a reason to exist.

Adriano and Gianluca are suffering repression through solitary confinement and videoconferencing, because they have chosen a path, a way of struggle, an idea. We are aware that repression is aimed to strike all those that put themselves in game and fight.

We break the silence, even indifference isolates! Videoconferencing will not pass!

Solidarity to all those who rebel in defense of the earth and total liberation!

Adriano and Gianluca free!

All free!

Complicity and solidarity with Gianluca and Adrinano


Translated by Inter Arma

Source: Informa Azione

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