Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova, Enrique Gúzman

Anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran were arrested on 18/09/2014, accused of involvement in 2 bomb attacks against metro stations, claimed by International Conspiracy of Revenge, and two bomb attacks against police stations, claimed by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile). Enrique Guzman, comrade and friend who visited comrades on prison, was arrested on 06/04/2015.

Juan Flores is detained in wing 1 in Santiago 1 prison, Enrique Guzman is detained in wing 33 in Santiago 1 prison and Nataly Casanova is detained in San Miguel prison. Guillermo Duran is free but still under investigation.

The comrades’ writings:

Words from Juan Flores on the recent events in the Santiago 1 prison

Announcement concerning the end of the hunger strike by Nataly, Juan and Guillermo

Communique from anarchist prisoner Nataly Casanova, on hunger strike since 14/04

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