Italy: Fur farm raid (Venice, 23/08/2014)


On August 23 we opened the cages at the mink farm on Via Tosatti in Scorze’ (VE) – Italy

There were three structures at the farm for the keeping of animals, one was empty, so we were busy in the other two where hundreds of mink were locked in cages. We removed all identification tags, making it impossible to identify or classify any animal who was recaptured.

We damaged several cages and destroyed dozens of meters of fence at the back of the farm to allow the mink to escape into the fields between thick crops and streams.

Soon farms will start killing thousands of mink for the production of fur.

For these animals who will be skinned there is no other possibility than to open the cages. Animal liberation is not empty words but a reality where there is oppression.

We dedicate this liberation action to the anarchist prisoners Gianluca and Adriano.



Source: Bite Back

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