Chile: “We are Attack, we are fire against the state”


Inter Arma received from Publicacion Refractario:

We come from everywhere …

We come from the attacks on police and jailers stations, to powerful centers, churches and institutions of state-capital. We have manufactured explosive devices, we know their uses and consequences and the time to act, we come from the logic and practices of the conspiracy for years.

We organized informally without leaderships and raising autonomy, forging clandestine networks that will not be detected by repression. We continue, because we have never stopped…

About the explosive device detonated in the “Subcentro” recently, which caused various injuries to passers-by, without being judges, we raise and defend our position.

In the actions that we have perpetrated, in the complicities that have materialized, in the attacks developed by other comrades who we don’t know personally, searching anonymously the path of direct action, we always clearly identified the enemy.

The enemy are those who holds power or arms himself in its defense, becoming a target of attacks, but not who endorses or passively succumbs to the domain.

We are not part of the citizenship, as they allow submission and perpetuate order, but that is not to equivocate the role of citizenship with the powerful, the slave with the master. It is not the general public, or any passer-by who is the goal of our actions.

We understand the attack and self-defense as an act that challenges and seeks to hit all the machinery that tries to make us submit, as well as protect us against any repressive advance, independent of the uniform that it could wear.

Whoever decides to take violence to defend the powerful, is situated in the battle field and must bear the cost of that, but this, as another comrades said, is not a blind fight or blind hit without having and clarity about who it hits.

It is the State and its terror politics that considers lives as simply numbers on the statistics of their share of power. We take distance from that in projections and ideas, but especially in practice, which undoubtedly we differ. In this there should not be space for doubt.

We desire and act for destruction and fight the enemy, we arm ourselves to achieve this. We use and demand the use of violence to face authority, but our hits do not seek to cause harm to anyone who just travelled through the city. That would mean that anyone, by the fact of circulating, is an accomplice to power or collaborator, with absolutely no fundamental reality to support that. Those are not our ways, not the fundamental point of view nor the horizon of the road of direct action that we walk for years.

Just as we do not let our security by at random, learning from own advanced techniques of the enemy, we also do not give space to random about the safety of those who can hang around our targets of attack. So we do not trust or delegate the care of any civilian to the good work of the police in the area of cordon or evacuation. We are not indifferent to the pain or injury that a simple passer-by may receive.

It is not the citizens who should fear for our actions. If they feel terror it should be for the misery of life imposed by the State, through each of the gears that make the machinery of destruction, by the police easily shooting them down, by the criminalization of any behavior that is out of the established norms, by the economic asphyxia that leads to suicide or by the advancement of social control. Those who should fear our actions, in every aspect of their lives and security, are the representatives of dominion … We are approaching.

We don’t write to condemn the use of violence, but to vindicate the uses we have communicated, by making clear our ideas in the insurrection, which do not consider as an attack on civilians.

The call is to act, in complicity and affinity, proliferating groups of attack, acting for liberation, but considering our goal is to clearly spread who is the enemy to attack. Our practices are part of the message. Our strokes should be accurate, without fear, without inaccuracies.

The State is the Terrorist

We salute the recent attacks on churches and police stations

Against all forms of power.

For Anarchy and Total Liberation… We continue to grow…

Attack’s Cells for Liberation


Note: The text was written on 16/09/2014, before the responsibility claim for the action.

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