Chile: Some reflections about the attacks against civilians and passers-by


Inter Arma received:

On Monday 8 September, a bomb exploded on a transit corridor of a commercial center adjacent to a subway train station. 14 people were injured, including passers-by and workers that worked as cleaning laborers.

The explosive device being a fire extinguisher filled with black powder, the government immediately pointed to anarchist groups, building and feeding social panic in their own favor, and spreading the need to find those responsible … or someone who seems to be.

Being clear, as anti-authoritarians, we do not connect with other people just through the tools used in actions, but we fraternize with the objectives behind an action and its contents, when it is clear and explicit. Therefore, it is important to say that, like it or not, we cannot defend a blind and anonymous attack (not claimed) that damaged passers-by. We know that passers-by are part of the functioning of the social order, but they are clearly not enemies or explicit power holders.

If that action was made by the police, an extreme-right group or some revolutionary group, we can’t know. We will not align with those who condemn the use of violence seeking to end all revolutionary struggle. The polymorphic anti-authoritarian struggle needs violent action, direct and blunt attacks, but it is another different thing to make blind attacks aimed at anyone who passes-by in places that, clearly, are not exclusive of representatives of power.

This is not a new debate, and other comrades have made their position clear in similar situations, so we share today some words of action groups and propaganda groups who have spoken about these issues at a later time. We share this texts for permanent tension taking contributions that other comrades have left over the years, to not losing sight about our goals and projections.

– Words of Anarchist urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” after the bomb attack in Athens that killed a young immigrant boy 15 years old and made serious injuries to her sister and mother in March 2010:

“(…) Our goal is destruction and the police are always warned so they can evacuate the area at all times (…) And so it would be inconsistent and criminally negligent on our part to place a bomb in a densely populated area without a warning call (…) It would be criminal for us to “abandon” the explosive device for about 14 hours, with the possible danger of an explosion that would put passers as victims. (…) Warning calls are always made to at least two mainstream media channels, in order to avoid any misunderstanding on the side of telephone operators and a possible cover-up of the warning call, as has happened in the past for other organizations. In addition, there is always a complete and detailed description not only of the goal, where we put the device, but also a reference to certain roads, the size of the explosive device and relevant advice for evacuation and closure of buildings (…) We are not for judges, prosecutors, police and journalists to get to easy conclusions. At the end of the day, the truth of what happened is only known by the authors of the action. In the possible case that the explosive device was placed by a revolutionary organization then revolutionary dignity dictates a claim for public liability with the corresponding self-criticism to clarify the scene, otherwise the political anonymity sabotages the revolutionary leadership and breaks apart the strategy, the urban guerrilla. (…) The conclusions are many, along with the reminder that if it really is a “blind” attack, then it is a very specific policy trend that is to the right of the State and has a special preference for these practices (Piazza Fontana, Italy – explosive parastatal mandated by the extreme right) under certain conditions of social tension.”

– Words of the action group “Commando Insurreccional Aracely Romo” (Chile) criticizing an attack against a civil house in March 2011:

“(…) We completely reject that action, it does not interpret us, we do not understand it and do not know what objective it seeks except that which harms the struggle against capitalism and rebellious ideas. For us it is either the police at work or paramilitary formations acting under false flags, or are people who have made a big mistake (…) Our actions, which we will not detail now so to not give clues to the police, have always been clear in their purpose, and research is made for the hours of action, the sites and their targets, to keep innocent people out of harm. We even tried to damage only our targets and not nearby homes. For us, actions are a means of propaganda, agitation, sabotage and, sometimes, of direct attack, when corresponding to the cops who have killed our brothers and sisters (…) The moral quality of subversive and revolutionary, does not compare to a policeman, and therefore, we repeat that we have no relation to indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. In the rare case that the people who attacked a private house, choosing it randomly, come from the anti-capitalist camp, we think they should rethink deeply their political orientations and actions that only benefit the enemy.”

– Words of a propaganda group from Chile written on 2011 about the same issue as that last extract:

“(…) from our position as revolutionary anti-authoritarians, we believe that every action must clarify their purpose and aim to identify the enemy clearly. A passer-by is not a political target for those who want to expand the conflict beyond power (…) The State does not protect its citizens by having affection with them, but because they are servants and resources to dominate, they are just interchangeable parts of a domination chessboard. The death or injury of a citizen does not harm the powerful, on the contrary, they rejoice to know that they have ceased to be a target for attack and the exploited begin to confuse simple revolutionaries as “terrorists”. (…) Citizens are not our comrades, they are servants, but they neither are our main adversary.”

Stay alert and solidarity with those who the enemy tries to show as responsible for this or other attacks, trying to demonstrate control and effectiveness.

For that which does not stop the fight and reflection between comrades

Some indomitable anarchists from the Chilean region.


Note: The text was written on 10/09/2014, before the responsibility claim for the action.

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