Spain: Words from comrade Monica Caballero


Inter Arma received from Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras:

“In the hands of the State, force is called law, in the individual’s hands will receive the name of crime. Crime means theuse of forcé by the individual; only with crime the individual can destroy the power of the state, when considers that he is above the state and not the statea bove him.” Max Stirner

At this time, when nearly 10 months since I’m in prison in the Spanish State prisons, it is necessary for me to send these words to you, dear comrades who fight for the abolition of all authority and the integral development of each individual.

Today anarchism is a major concern in terms of security for many Western (and some Eastern) States; in this witch-hunt of informal antiauthoritarian anything goes, this repressive histeria is inherent in the conquest of the total liberation, it is as old as theanarchist ideas. So to all who attempt to confront or question the prevailin gorder, for them simply expect a momentary or prolonged visit at one of the peaceful monuments of human extermination. In my case, passing through a cage is not new. As you decide to fight the establishment, punishment is one of its consequences, this approach goes far beyond the Democratic vision of Innocent / Guilty, which has no place in someone who wants to destroy this world founded on laws which I don´t believe.

I don´t recognize any judge, their right makes me a slave, their justice makes me prisoner.

Inside prisons comes to light most garbage of society. Here within the individual is crushed in the depths of its essence, blackmail and manipulation by the tentacles of power are mixed and transformed as social reintegrationpolicy. In front of this policy,coherence is my victory, to stay incorruptible and wotrthy, this is the daily fight.

In this political-legal-policing process,against a group of comrades first and finally against my beloved comrade and me, Power mechanism have used many different tricks, bordering on the ridiculous, but those who have sucked this system and try to perpetúate it, will never understand our ways. Ways to break the hierarchy, ways which don´t receive orders from anyone, that grow and multiply like weeds in your quiet and sterile garden. The set of anarchist ideas are developed on the complexity of individual integrity, this free-associated individual with other ones finish this rotten society.

The shapes and the ways in which individuals face domain are multiple and have no limits, neither is better or worse, they are just different. No anarchist deemed as such can impose what to do to anyone, and much less allow some form of taxation.

On the path of construction-destruction anarchist don´t own (or want) anytype of manual or itinerary, we build it on our daily with our comrades in affinity. For those who believe that antiauthoritarians strictly follow tenets from some “renamed” comrade, I tell them that they have not understood anything.

While through out history in the struggle against authority there have been (and there are) many valuable comrades who have made great contributions, but it doesn’t mean that we have to surrender to some kind of cult to anyone.

Dear comrades, I would like to dedicate words more often, but with the limitations I have I’m not sure if I can communicate in this way again.

In a few months, trial against us will be performed, at that momento I will try to keep myself to rise to the occasion, I will never have head down.

I send a fraternal hug for those who have supported us, every gesture of solidarity illuminates the shadows of these cold walls.

To all subversive political prisoners who are in the prisons of the Chilean state: you are always present in my thoughts, I’m with you, eventhough I am faraway. And to you, freely chosen brothers and sisters, son we will cross our eyes.

Open hand to comrades, fist to the enemy!

Death to state and live anarchy!!

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda

Anarchist Political Prisoner

Avila Prison, September 2014

Territory dominated by the Spanish State

[Transcription Note: this letter were written by Monica in early September and it should have been published over a month ago, but for unknown reasons it didn’t reach to our hands untilnow, at the end of October]

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