Greece: Text of solidarity to Nikos Romanos from his comrades in the Velvedo case


And it is necessary to go forward, to fill all the Voids, even if not self-destruct, by drawing strength from the past … Every era has its own inquisition. THE ‘VOID’ EXISTS AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT FALL INTO IT.

A breath of freedom away from the cement of the prison.

A few hours where the glance can travel free without tripping over bars.
A sky without barbed wire. Steps you do not need to count. Moves tuned slightly differently.

On November 10th friend and comrade Nikos Romanos began a hunger strike demanding a breath of freedom. Having passed into an Athens university through exams, he is fighting to win something that according to their own laws he is entitled to: his educational furlough.

We on our side stand next to Nikos Romanos and his struggle, next to every move he desires and must take to accompany his battle, next to every expression of aggressive solidarity… Because the stars you see diving into the void are the ones that carry our dreams, our enraged desires, our smiles full of meaning… Because we do not exchange a life on the edge with anything.

IMMEDIATE GRANTING of the demand of comrade Nikos Romanos for the educational furlough.

Fivos Harisis
Argiris Dalios
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos
Giannis Mihailidis
Dimitris Politis

4th Wing of Koridallos prisons.


Source: Act for freedom now

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