Greece: Incendiary attack against Kesariani city hall and vehicles owned by ELTA and DEI (Athens, 09/12/2014)


Anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos went on a hunger strike on 10/11, demanding the educational prison leaves he is entitled to by the laws of the system. As a sign of active solidarity, comrades Giannis MIhailidis (17/11), Andreas – Dimitris Bourzoukos (01/12), Dimitris Politis (01/12) and Ilias Karadouman went also on hungerstrike.

Nikos Romanos chose to use an extreme means of struggle by putting his own body as a barricade and his uncompromising will and desire for a breath of freedom outside the exterminating condition of imprisonment as a mound. It goes without saying, that we stand by him with actions and support his struggle to the end with every possible means, since we also reconize the totalitarian and vindictive conditions that give birth to and reproduce prison brothels.

For this reason, in the early hours of Tuesday (09/12) we transformed our aggressive desires into actions sending incendiary signs of solidarity to Nikos Romanos and the rest of our comrades. To be more specific:

We placed an incendiary device with gas canisters at the entrance of Kesariani city hall.

We torched two vehicles owned by ELTA (Greek postal service) and one vehicle owned by DEI (public electricity company) in Sepolia.

Summarizing, this struggle proved the essential political pressure put by a multi-tension and multi-form wave of solidarity that got coiled and enlarged in a short amount of time.

Get better comrades…



Some anarchist bandits


Translated by Inter Arma

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