Italy: Incendiary attack against Telecom facilities (Rovereto, 13/12/2014)

On 13/12/2014 a Telecom centre got attacked in Rovereto. Cameras were moved away and incendiary devices were placed in several spots. Telephone companies, besides causing environmental devastation, are on the side of the state in guaranteeing control and security.

In particular Telecom is one of the responsible for the video-conferencing method imposed [during trials] on prisoners in Italy.

In solidarity with Adriano, Gianluca who are being imposed video-conferencing, Maurizio Alfieri who was inflicted the measure because of his struggle in prison, Monica and Francisco and the comrades arrested in so called ‘Pandora case’. A greeting to the 11 arrested in Barcelona.

To Alfredo and Nicola for having claimed the wounding of one of the responsible for nuclear death.

To those imprisoned following the NO TAV struggle because telephone companies played an important role in the repression.

To Tamara Sol accused of shooting a guard. In memory of Sebastian Overslvij Remi murdered by cops and in solidarity with all prisoners on struggle.

A hug to all those who struggle against authority all over the world.

For direct action.

For anarchy.


Source: Act for freedom now!

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