Chile: Update on anarchist comrade Tamara Sol


Comrade Tamara Sol Farías Vergara was ‘punished’ at the end of last week after being accused of breaching internal regulations. The punishment is:

– No visits

– No parcels from outside

The prohibition of receiving meals from outside strikes Sol’s health directly as she is vegetarian (part of her concept of antiauthoritarian life), and is also aimed at making our irreducible comrade bow down.

We urgently call for solidarity with the comrade who has been in prison since 21st January 2014, accused of attempted robbery and attempted murder following an action carried out at Banco Estado against a security guard allegedly in revenge for the murder of our comrade Sebastian Oversluij Seguel.

Our solidarity goes to Tamara Sol Farías Vergara and all the anarchist,

nihilist and antiauthoritarian comrades in prison or on the run.

Instinto Sevaje


Source: Act for freedom now!

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