Germany: Vehicle owned by DHL company torched (Berlin, 04/01/2015)


As a sign of solidarity with the comrades arrested and imprisoned during Operation Pandora, in Barcelona and other cities, we torched a DHL vehicle, on the night of January 5, 2015 in the Neukölln district, in Berlin.

DHL was attacked not only for its collaboration with the army, but also because of the international diffusion of vehicles in this business, which makes them an appropriate target for sabotage.

Where European security agencies share information and prepare their common struggle against the resistance structures, they also make resistance and militant solidarity go beyond borders.

Happiness and freedom to:

Lisa Sandra Dorfer

Alba Gracia Martínez

Cuadrado Noemi Carvajal

Anna Hernandez del Blanco

Enrique Pérez Balaguer

David Juan Fernández

Until all are free!


Translated by Inter Arma

Source: linksunten indymedia

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