Greece: Update on the attempted prison escape of members of CCF


Inter Arma received:

It was 3rd of January when after a wide operation of anti-terrorist police the wanted Ch.Xiros was arrested in the region of Anavissos. At the same time there was detected a hidout in the same region. After a stake-out in this property cops discovered a large amount of ammunition and firearms ( 8 kalasnikofs, 1 RPG, 3 rockets , hundreds of bullets , more than 150 kilos of explosives etc.) , drowings regarding an escape plan of Conspiracy of Fire of Cells members and a fake ID of comrade Aggeliki. ( who was visiting members of CCF in prison) . The very same night EKAM ( special forces of anti-terrorist police) and officers of anti-terrorist police invaded to all the cells of CCF members in prison and the comrades Christos Tsakalos and Gerasimos Tsakalos as the comrades Spiros Mandilas and Andreas Tsavdaridis were transfered in a solitary confinment wing in a dungeon under the prison where there are no other prisoners.

The next days the anti-terrorist police declares comrade Aggeliki as a fugitive and starts an intence man-hunting for her arrest (after giving her photo in publishity through all TV channels) , and they discover another safehouse in the region of Loutraki where they are found dozens of ready bombs , a gun , and two stolen vehicles (1 tzip and 1 van) . Minister of Public Order and chief of Police are making official statements announcing that police manage to prevent an escape plan of the members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. According to this announcement some comrades would attack and blow up the outside wall of the prison wing that members of CCF were closed with a mega bomb of 150 kilos of explosives put in a trapped vehicle ( stolen van) and with the kalasnikofs and the RPG would strike armed guards at the guard-houses of prison. After that they would go aboard with CCF members that would have escaped on stolen vans which they intended to change with other stolen vehicles during the route of escape with the safehouses as destination. The imprisoned members of CCF published two texts ( “It was worth a try” , ” Communique of war” ) in where they express their solidarity with comrade Aggeliki and they closed with the phrase ” Nothing is over….Everything continues”

Freedom to the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Solidarity with the fugitive comrade Aggeliki

Comrades in solidarity

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