Greece: Washing the mud away… – Inter Arma’s announcement


This announcement is a response to the published articles of various media cesspools of the regime, that involve Inter Arma in their reports concerning manuscripts that are among the police findings in the case of the prison escape attempted by the anarchist group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire but also to the sad but expected speculation from a part of the so-called anarchist “milieu”.

For over a month now, with the electoral festival as a background, counter-terrorism agency and its snitches in the media carry out a large scale communicative campaign in the context of the prison escape attempted by CCF and some criminal prisoners. Dozens of findings, theories, police updates, phone conversations and interviews have been released to the public. It’s not the first time that the snitches of the cops involve us in various ways in such situations. And while they usually use more of their imagination, like in the case of project “Nemesis”, when the were referring to us as part of the project, this time they are targeting us for the obvious, which is the communication with comrades that are imprisoned in the dungeons of Democracy. The reason why counter-terrorism agencies internationally move communicatively and operationally against projects like Inter Arma, has been analyzed quite a few times. The counter-information projects of those anarchists that still concider anarchist struggle to be a battle against the regime, are an obvious target for the enemy.

Now we come to the sad part. Let us once again state the obvious and at the same time clarify our opinion on things: The individuals that manage this project are taking everything into account without blinders and do not form an opinion based on the articles of regime’s media, on personal prejudices, on political complexes and on calculations of possible political surplus value. They do not form an opinion without having read the statements of all people involved, on every subject that has been opened and by choosing the meanings that fit to one’s imaginary. Inter Arma is a project of counter-information and of diffusal of the thery and practice of black anarchy and in this context it supports CCF and other prisoners in Greece and abroad. It is neither CCF’s political office nor does it necessarily identify itself with every political opinion or choice of the group. An example of this is the at all times absence of any support by Inter Arma towards Christodoulos Ksiros, for the very simple reason that the project has explicitly stated that has no affinity, in any context, with political subjects of the left, no matter in which of its tensions they belong, no matter which means of struggle they choose to use. The logic “urban guerilla therefore comrade” belongs to others, not us. The only publications that mentions Ch. Ksiros come from other projects, groups and organizations whose writings we publish due to our affinity with them. Beyond that, when we have safe facts regarding any event, we choose to make our political, ethical and personal critiques to those we have to. We never rush to make a public statement, when some event occurs, to coordinate with this ridiculous, contemptible and petty political game of balances, over which a big part of the “anarchist” milieu has reached the stage of grounding almost the whole of its existence.

Finally, whoever intends to hurt, via their attack against CCF, the whole Black Anarchy toils for nothing. Each comrade, every public project and every organization have autonomous existence. Insurrectionary anarchy comes dynamically to into play in the whole world and whoever can pull his head outside the cesspit in which he lives and look around without blinders can understand it.




Inter Arma



  2. Προς σχολιαστή blackdog: Εάν θέλεις, κάνε ξανά το σχόλιο χωρίς χαρακτηρισμούς σε πρόσωπα, συντροφους ή μη, ή αν πιστεύεις ότι έχει να σου απαντήσει κάτι το μέσο συγκεκριμένα, στείλε e-mail. Δεν υπάρχει λόγος να γίνει δημόσια συζήτηση επί χαρακτηρισμών, ειδικά για γεγονότα, που εμείς τουλάχιστον δε μπορούμε να εξακριβώσουμε και άρα να τοποθετηθούμε.

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