Scotland: Anti-civ vandalisms against the morality of anthropocentrism (25/12/2014)


On the eve of christmas after the mass had paid their respects to the altar of consumerism I thought of celebrating in an other way this farce of civilization, by going outside at night sabotaging the locks of stores that have made death commerce. The systematized death in the name of civilization under the mantle of the morality of anthropocentrism.

I glued the locks of 6 stores in the city centre by just putting in very strong glue inside the locks and therefore destroying the system of those locks completely. 2 stores that display a new dead body every day for each slave of society to consume. Every day another whole pig cut into pieces, exposition on a big window. A harlequin after death for the service of the civilized anthropocentrist human. From death row to the final destination. The others were cashmere stores which are obviously a target as well.

On July and August 2014 2 more separate actions of vandalism had been done at a shopping centre inside the city as an answer to their cultural events with guests enthusiasts of slavery named falconries. They capture or breed in captivity wild birds as hawks, owls, eagles keeping them as harlequins for display but mainly for the type of hunting called falconry, in which the enslaved bird under the training and orders of its master hunts other non-human animals for sport with purpose the “entertainment” of trash of the mass for the satisfaction of their fake needs of ghosts like national heritage. Cameras were spray painted and also the front gates and posters were stuck as a statement for this action.

Material sabotage and vandalism are clearly aggressive acts for me. And my whole analysis behind them is hostile towards society and civilization. Target is everything. Either an economical blow which will annoy the enemy or disruption of the normal function of this rotten mechanical daily routine. Chaotic actions have a personal significance. These actions were done clearly for my satisfaction. In a place that lives in the swamp of oblivion of legality some howls start to echo from far away and their conscience screams for their lost comrades in the name of civilization.

Cell of conscience “Falcon Of Chaos”


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