Greece: Statement of Christos Rodopoulos to the special appellate investigator


On Research Methodology

Life is a non-factual continuum for the understanding of which, the use of quantization techniques – endearing especially in the modern technocratic “society” – fails both in terms of structure and intention.

One example of these techniques is the huge indictment you impose on me. A text which is abstruse, among other things, and when it is read by the will for life and freedom. By the will for union with the nature of life and its creations, but also with the freedom those are offering selflessly,to any creature that wishes to get closer with the reverence of the participant and the drive of the one seeking.

Perhaps you already started discerning – if you indeed, even in an instant, abdicate the role of the bearer of such a text – the gap existing between your investigative questions and my situation.

So, let’s not move on to them and seize this earned time, in order to hark, among others, a distant burr, deriving from this gap.


And of course not, this burr is not fromthe endless machines of Alexandras Avenue. It is the silentlythunderous pain the penal scalpelof quantization creates to the souls of the ones subsisting and inside the prison cells.

But here I am going to end this statement of mine, although steeply, but hoping to a not further demarcation of anything flowing of it.

Christos Rodopoulos


Note: Christos Rodopoulos was detained in Domokos’ type C prison and faces charges concerning the attempted prison escape by CCF and his alleged participation in the group.

Translated by Inter Arma

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  1. Στη Νεριτ εγινε λαθος,μολις και αναφερθηκε οτι ο “Ιασωνας΄΄
    οτι ειναι ο αδερφος του Πολυδωρου.
    Eιπανε μαλιστα οτι ειχε ενταλμα και παρουσιαστηκε μονος του .

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