Greece: Update on the arrest of Spyros Mandylas


Inter Arma received and translated:

Comrade Spyros Mandylas was arrested today in the afternoon and he will be presented tomorrow before the persecutor, who will decide whether he will be detained or not. He is held in the General Police Agency of Thessaloniki and he refused to be subjected to body control, something that infuriated the cops. He is strong and in high spirits.

The reason for his arrest is the fact that he didn’t pay the 5.000 fine he was sentenced to by the trial that ended last Thursday 05/03, a trial that took place without the presence of the comrade and his lawyer, while his co-defendants, except one, legitimized the trial, thus his sentence, with their presence there.

A text writen by the comrade will be published in the following days.

A previous text written by the comrade about this case

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  1. Δεν ξέρω ποιος σας ενημέρωσε για το “πλην ενός” αλλά δεν ισχύει. Κατά τα άλλα νομίζω ότι κανείς δεν επικύρωσε την καταδίκη του. Καλό θα ήταν στην ενημέρωση να μη γράφεται ανακρίβειες…

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