Greece: Anarchist Giannis Mihailidis on hunger strike


Today, Monday, March 23, I join the hunger strike that aims to counte-rattack the ever increasing repressive campaign of the state against the anarchist movement and generally anyone who resists. I will be the the last participant from the Network of Fighting Prisoners who joins the strike, as the comrades Rammy Syrianos and Spyros Stratoulis, can not participate because they have not yet fully recovered from last year’s multi-day hunger strike.

We demand:

– The abolishment of articles 187 and 187A (counter-terrorism laws)

– The abolishment of the law concerning special repressive treatment to actions commited wearing a hood

– The abolishment of the legal framework that sets the fucnction of type C prisons

– The release of the guerrilla of R.O. 17th November Savas Ksiros, so thath he can receive the healthcare he needs.

– The abolishment of violent DNA sampling

– The access to DNA samples by a biologist who the defendant trusts.

– The abolishment of the analysis of samples that contain mixed DNA from more than two persons.


Translated by Inter Arma

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