Germany: University vandalized because of a police congress (Hamburg)


Inter Arma received:

In the night of March 20th 2015, some unknown individuals destroyed the windows of the entrance of the University of Hamburg.

As well as smashed windows, “so green, so blue”, “FCK CPS” and a circle-A was tagged, which now welcomes all those who want to enter the building.

This attack was made in connection with the Green / Alternative Police Congress that took place the following morning. By this, the cops, politicians and academics want to recycle the repressive apparatus and make the operation of the oppressive normality more efficient.

It does not seem to please everyone…

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  1. They should know also that Fachreferat (administrator) and director of library of law in Hamburg cooperate with secret service. Andreas Knobelsdorf, (office B 419, picture: organized fascist spying of students/visitors of the Law Library in Hamburg, together with director/dean Tilman Repgen (office A 405, born 1964 in Saarbrucken, picture:
    Second one is from privileged family, therefore he got position at university. With their help, Nazi secret service “Verfassungschutz” spy students habits, talking with other people and computer activities. Library address is Rothenbaumchaussee 33, Hamburg.
    In any case, Andreas Engel is server admin at this lib, office A 417, and Petra Kempendorf is IT manager, office A 115.
    They implemented also Student ID security system that only students can visit library, under excuse it is overcrowded. In fact, it can be misused, together with cameras, to spy students who are against government. Where you are in which moment, with whom you speak, what websites you visit, what message you send, etc.
    Without them, secret service could not make repression. One immigrants was arrested becaus eof them and spent one night in custody, just for using his own CD with Ubuntu on computer, they represented it like stealing information about students and called police.

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