Greece: Incendiary attack against a tax office (Heraklion, 02/04/2015)


With our thought pinned on our comrades on hunger striker, in the early hours of 02/04 we attacked the second tax office of Heraklion, Crete, by placing an incendiary device at the entrance of the building.

Comrades, we are separated by miles, walls and every kind of state dogs, but we feel the fire burning inside you hotter than ever before. With this on our side, we rush to the battle screaming “death” against the death presented as life.

Those who say that it’s not time to attack, those who ask for some time to be given to the government (to prove how left it is), are those who tighten the bonds of the detention beds.

Every day, every hour, every minute that passes is critical. It is imperative that our moves escape the limits of law.

Let’s turn the roads into fields of battle.

Let’s turn conspiracy meetings into actions of war.

Let’s turn hope into assault.

Strength to all hunger strikers.

Immediate satisfaction of all demands.

FAI/IRF Heraklion Cell


Translated by Inter Arma

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