Greece: Incendiary attack against SYRIZA offices (Athens, 03/04/2015)


Inter Arma received and translated:

As it’s known, a hunger strike by anarchist prisoners in the greek prisons has started since 02/03, aiming the creation of cracks in the repressive armor of the state. Meanwhile, the members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire also started a hunger strike, creating a mound against the vengeful detentions of their relatives and the onslaught of repression.

The ongoing hunger strike of the anarchists who are in the state’s cells, is not a passive mobilization, but an aggressive blackmail, threatening to shatter the social peace and lull. This struggle, aside from the effort to satisfy the demands that have been set to be met, feeds and triggers the anarchist war, creating hearths of unrest. Against the dilemmas the state poses, it answers with its own dilemmas and highlights the determination which overcomes the fear of death.

The SYRIZA-ANEL coalition, in its effort to manipulate the hunger strikers’ struggle, presents all the mobilizations and demands as meaningless, cloaks the most and claims that the rest would be carried out anyway, as they were part of its programmatic commitments. When the hunger strike started, the government tried to maintain a low profile by handing out blank and indeterminate promises to the strikers in order for them to stop, fearing the escalation of the struggle and solidarity actions. In fact, this is the first struggle that conflicts with the new regime and it was clear since the beginning the anxiety of the new government to limit this struggle, as it forthrightly shatters the image of general approvance that it tries to promote. When the government did not achieve to stem the mobilizations both inside and outside the prisons via promises and arguments, it decided to fight them, both in the communicative field and also regarding reppresion, showing its “left” teeth. In addition, it conducts a war of wear by pushing the strikers to the limit of death with the bill’s proposition delay and also with the delay of the decision for the release of member’s of CCF relatives.

Realizing the importance of what is now at stake, we believe that is neccessary for solidarity to be expressed polymorphously and aggressively, with militant squats that will not reproduce themselves but will be bases of subversive actions, with confrontational diversion of demonastrations turning the metropolis’ roads into battlefields, with sabotages and interventions that disturb the stifling normality, with arsons and destructions of every kind against the social machine’s structures. The comrades’ hunger strike is an open invitation towards intensification of the conflict with the regime. So, at the dawn of Friday 03/04, we placed an incendiary device at the offices of SYRIZA in Exarcheia, through a broken glass we found. Our aggressive solidarity actions to the anarchist hunger strikers is part of the war for the annihilation of the existent and total liberation.




P.S. A little before the publishing of this text, we were gladly informed about the victorious end of Conspiracy’s of Cells of Fire hunger strike, something which proves that only resolute struggle can turn our wishes into action. We send them our solidarity and our best wishes for a good recovery. Strenght to the anarchist prisoners that continue their hunger strike.

Comrades from the Black International

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