Greece: Incendiary attack against diplomatic vehicles and a construction company (Athens, 31/03/2015)


Inter Arma received and translated:



The best time for action is Now and the place is here

This is why we, at dawn of Tuesday, 31 March, in a guerrilla operation in Ellinoroson area, torched and destroyed:

– a diplomatic vehicle with the plate number DS 67-4

– a vehicle owned by a foreign diplomatic mission with pale number XA 20157

– the entrance of the construction company DOROSIS SA wich is involved in luxury residence projects and in broad scale private and public projects.

During the action our thoughts traveled to the Iberian Peninsula, where there was a broad suppressive operation by the Spanish State which targeted squats and comrades who continue the struggle in those lands.

Hunger strike – megaton bomb

“We are not in solidarity with the misery of the people, we are in solidarity with the vigor with which some of them don’t tolerate it…” – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

While the promises, sophisms and fabrications of the Patriotic Left collapse one after the other, already since the first two months of the formal governance, the rebellious, captured freedom fighters continue to struggle. The mass hunger strike by the political prisoners in Greece is a powerful collective mound in the onslaught of the counter-terrorist policy of recent years and sand in the gears of the death industry of judges and prosecutors. This key struggle also serves as striker for those gusts which rip the body of the humanitarian pretexts of the left management of the newly constructed political landscape of the coalition of Tsipras – Panousis – Kammenos apart.

Because the “underdogs” of the revolution are deafeningly silent, and until they understand what is going on and open their mouth, we went on the offensive. We claim responsibility for these acts because we want to place them in a political context of struggle and action and to put them on a collision course with the Existent and connection with comrades in he whole world. These actions, except from personal enjoyment of destructive aggression and practical opposition to institutions, systems and relations of domination, also correspond to an expression of solidarity and continuation of the struggle towards the prisoners of war of the Greek Republic, who are in a special detention situation sentenced/in trial because of their armed revolutionary/insurrectionary action in special courts with special laws where a general consensus on the specific state propaganda attempt to suppress and politically isolate urban guerrilla and aggressive struggles for political resistance and social revolution.

The delinquency and the subsequent prosecution of proletarized, disinherited and socially marginalized parts of the mass, particularly those who fight against the plunder of their lives, functions as a self-fulfilling prophecy for the society of control, supervision and mediation of human relations, which treats everyone as “criminals” and “terrorists” in advance to justify its existence. This kind of treatment is displayed either openly and blatantly, or in the form of an implicit armed threat, state violence and economic and mental extermination.

Political prisoners, at this time, having turned their bodies in a time bomb, give a life and death battle and claim the satisfaction of their demands which are neither personal nor corporate, but deeply political and concern all genuine militants who are fighting against the Law and Order and collide with the cell of the enforcement policy of the State. Consistent fighters inside and outside the walls should man, furiously and with conscience, with theory and action, the battle positions of today and the trenches of the war against the regime of generalized captivity, domestication and exploitation of the modern world, while supporting their imprisoned comrades found in similar positions in the past and now continue the struggle inside the walls, conducting a hunger strike since 02/03 for:

– Abolition of the special “counter-terrorism” legislation and specifically of the laws concerning criminal and terrorist organizations (187 and 187A)

– Abolition of the special repressive laws (hood-law)

– Abolition of type C prisons that are the completion of the exception regime for political prisoners.

– Restriction on the use and processing of DNA as evidence.

– The immediate release of Savas Xiros who although is 98% handicaped, he is being systematically exterminated by the state for 13 years.

All means of struggle, especially the one of hunger strike must, in our opinion, be selected at such time and in such manner used to produce the desired result and to achieve the target put both in its specific context, and for general sharpening of the anarchist war, without leading to a political or natural suicidal deadend. To avoid a long story short and because issues of feasibility of objectives and of relevance of means and ends are hereby opened, we will only say this: Based on historical experience and struggles within the walls that have been developed worldwide, the average hunger strike is not selected by the position of a altruistic or self-destructive frenzy, nor that of an arrogant showdown and a monomania supposedly self-fulfillment. Also, any extortion and/or war against the suffocating condition of confinement and the prison can only have the state and the people who man its the mechanisms as unique recipients…

During the conduct of this great struggle of political prisoners, a ridiculous letter, indicative of the repressive effectiveness of type C prison, was published by the known traitors of 17N Giotopoulos – Tzortzatos who emerge as contemptible schmoozers and willing companions of the new government.

If the committees of the Parliament and their political bosses trick our comrades and do not meet their demands, the Week of Passions of your Lord will be a field trip in the countryside in front of the Hell we prepare you.

Our own plan

«Anyone who renounces life because he feels that it is nothing but pain and sorrow and doesn’t find in himself the heroic courage to kill himself is — in my opinion — a grotesque poser and a helpless person; just as one is a pitifully inferior being if he believes that the sacred tree of happiness is a twisted plant on all apes will be able to scramble in the more or less near future, and that then the shadow of pain will be driven away by the phosphorescent fireworks of the true Good…» – Renzo Novatore

Towards the theses of every shade’s democratic centralism, of the monolithic revolutionary sectarianism and of a postmodern “anti-authoritarian” neo-communism, we project the horizontal and informal organization of minority infrastructures of attack and the multi-formity and multi-tensity of the insurrectionary anarchist fight. Our own “revolutionary plan” does not have its base on the constitution of a consubstantial and undivided revolutionary class which, in turn, potentially occupies the power in order to abolish the class society through a transitional level. The abstract conception of the community of struggle, formed on the basis of exclusions and discriminations lavished by the current social order are not at all of our style, as we think that it only gets to maintain and reproduce roles, identities and relationships that we, as anarchists, are supposed to wish to abolish.

Our own collective venture, beyond any ideology, has its basis on our common needs and desires, our own lives and the way we want to live them. Ours is a fight for the reconquest of our lives in its entirety and for the free co-existence in our own terms and not just the occupation of the means of production and the expropriation of material goods and notions which Society and its producers never asked us whether we need. Our attack’s motives, which are selfish and anti-politic, do not start from the position of a falsified “we can do it all together”, but rests in the effort to reconstruct the anarchist-nihilist perspective and the Third Pole within the social sludge and the urban cemeteries where human consciences are buried. Thus, the nihilist criticism to the Existent could not miss attacking the alienated and alienating intangible civilization of this society.

Lastly, apart from the industrial and ship-owner’s lobbies (which are part of a broader political and economic category), there also are those of the tv channel owners, the publishers and the journalists who are in direct intertwining with the foregoing ones and next to the ones of the artists, advertizers and public relations managers. Moreover, there is a regimental category of groups of pressure that includes NGOs (Non-governmental organizations), charity and environmental organizations. Every aspect of the Existent, alternative, humanitarian or radical as it may be, stands confrontational towards anarchy and rebellious individuality and – mutatis mutandis – deserves our attack, since it contributes to the reproduction of the Capital and the dominant social relations, values and notions, since it establishes the illusion that a system of repression and exploitation can be improved, corrected etc.

Let us smash the fake discrimination and the illusions the Domination nourishes and imposes!

For the collective liberating venture of the individual realization and the direct attack against Authority and its porters!

Let us smash the fascists, snitches, rapists and opportunist petty politicians inside and outside prisons!

For a common anti-repression front against the modern regimes of exclusion!

STRENGTH AND QUICK RECOVERY TO THE IMPRISONED MEMBERS’ CELL OF THE CONSPIRACY OF CELLS OF FIRE AND AGGELIKI SPYROPOULOU who were on hunger strike for the immediate release of their relatives who have nothing to do with the organization


STENGTH TO THE NETWORK OF FIGHTING PRISONERS that continue the hunger strike for 36th day


FAI-IRF / Scouts of ash

P.S. Even though our perceptual and value-based gap is enormous and our thesis on both the Islamist and on the Marxist fundamentalism, is antithetical and hostile, we stand in awe and admiration towards the history and the heritage of the Turkish communists and we send a signal of support to the persecuted ones by the junta regime in the neighboring country, after the amazing action of the district attorney’s captivity, who was handling the case of the state murder of 15 year old Berkin Elvan, by guerrillas of DHKP-C in the courthouse of Istanbul.

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