Italy: Attack against animal experiments laboratory (Savona, 06/04/2015)


During the night of April 5-6 we targeted the IZS (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale) laboratory in Savona. After locking the entrance gate to avoid the arrival of the security guard’s car, we completely paint-stripped the lab’s service car parked at the back, covered the windows and the lights with paint and left the messages, IZS = DEATH and ALF.

We covered with paint all the windows on the first floor, the shutters of the warehouse, and the gate. We also left messages on the building: free the animals, stop vivisection, murderers.

Inside the laboratories of the IZS thousands of animals die in agony every year so that millions of others will be tortured and killed inside factory farms in the production of meat, eggs and dairy products. There is an IZS facility in almost every Italian province, most of them are vulnerable to attacks and actions like this are easily reproducible.

Turn off the computer, get out of the house and act for animal liberation tonight.

Resignation is complicity



Source: Bite Back

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