Chile: Update and words from the hunger strikers Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran


Inter Arma received:

Arrested since September 18th 2014, comrades Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran are accused of involvement in bomb attacks occurred on July 13th, claimed by International Conspiracy of Revenge, and September 8th 2014, claimed by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile). They deny charges but claim themselves as anarchists. On April 6th 2015, was arrested Enrique Guzman, solidary comrade and friend who visited comrades on prison.

On April 14th 2015, the four comrades started a hunger strike demanding:

– the release of comrade Enrique Guzmán

– the immediate transfer of compañera Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relation ship with other inmates and more hours in the yard

– the end to harassment of their close environment

– the end of assaults and disciplinary sanctions towards Juan and Nataly;

–end to DNA-based prosecutions.

As hunger strike runs, Nataly was transferred to another isolation wing. Her weight, and the other comrades’, is descending day by day.

Words from comrade Juan Flores:

“this is our clear response repudiating and spitting without doubt to the last repressive coup against our environment”

This is our response to the harassment of Power and its repressive forces against our solidarían circle, relatives, friends and comrades. Day by day, they are victims of persecutions,harassment, intimidation, and kidnappings by the cops; in front of this, clearly because of our criteria and our conviction it is impossible for us to stay with crossed arms.

From April 14th 2015, we initiate a mobilization protest and in response to the emotional blackmail we are suffering by the power and its repressive institutions. We turn into practice our discontent, in an unsubmissive way, as is our essence, using our body as a barricade, initiating the paralysation of our activities and a hunger strike inside prison (…)


Juan Alexis Flores Riquelme

1st Wing, Santiago 1 prison

Words from comrade Nataly Casanova:

Since Monday, April 13th 2015, I have started a hunger strike (only drinking water) against the reprisals of state apparatuses to our closest environment (relatives and friends). (…)

In front of this Power’s play, we put our consciousness, loves and ideas, rejecting the imposition of their anti-terrorist laws –or whatever, because their legislation only defends their order of privileges and parasitic lives.

Here, inside their prison walls, we are neither defeated nor alone, as they pretend; we continue unsubmissive, free and dignified, fighting with our body as a weapon in front of those who wish to cage,and bury under concrete, the struggle, dignity, love and solidarity. (…)


Nataly Casanova Muñoz

San Miguel women’s prison

Words from comrade Guillermo Duran:

To relatives, friends and comrades. To public knowledge.

On April 14th 2015 I begin a hunger strike (only drinking water) This is a means of struggle and solidarity, in which we put our health and life at risk. (…)

I know that situations like this are not new in this country and in different parts of the world; we/I take examples of struggle wherever exist, that’s why today, in my limited possibilities, I decide to abstain from solid foods in solidarity with my brothers and sister. We/I carry out this struggle against those who say they practice law and make decisions for the good of society(…)

I cannot stay inert and passive in the front of this repressive context that today strikes my brothers and sisters, so I stand in solidarity with the indefinite hunger strike (…)

Only struggle and solidarity give us what is negated by the State; only in this way we can confront this world constructed by them and for them.

Guillermo Duran Méndez

In total house arrest

Words from comrade Enrique Guzman*:

“No aggression without response”

As a response to the harassment on my comrades’ close environment, we have decided to put on hunger strike from April 14.

(…) we know that this is not the first time that Power tries to punish to all of us who have decided to fight against the way they imposes us to live.

(…) I want to tell that I receive lovely every breath and gesture, sending fraternal greetings to all of those who do not doubt in confront Power, here and around the world.

Down with the Police-State


Enrique Guzmán

Santiago 1 prison

*Comrade Enrique stopped hunger strike on the 2nd week, because of physical and emotional problems.

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