Chile: Bus torched (Santiago, 07/04/2015)


Because we act in consequence with the contempt we feel towards civilization and all of its machinery. In the early hours of April 7, we activated an incendiary device which resulted in the complete torching of a bus located at 210 Ecuador St, at the corner of Concon in the Estacion Central neighborhood.

This action is a gesture of combative solidarity for the Anti-prison days of April 10-20.

Especially, we send lots of strength to Javier Pino and Natalia Collado.

Also to Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores, Guillermo Durán, and Enrique Guzmán, on hunger strike since April 14th.

In remembrance of the thousands of animals killed under the disgusting wheels of the motorized vehicles of civilization.

Stampede Action Group


Source: War on Society

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