Chile: Update on anarchist hunger strikers


Inter Arma received:

On Friday 15, May, anarchist comrades Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran are on the 32nd day of their hunger strike, demanding:

– the release of comrade Enrique Guzmán

– the immediate transfer of compañera Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relationship with other inmates and more hours in the yard.

– the end of the harassment of their close environment

– the end of assaults and disciplinary sanctions towards Juan and Nataly

–end of DNA-based prosecutions.

Comrade Enrique Guzman stopped hunger strike in the second week because of physical problems.

The judicial court denies to satisfy the comrades’ demands.

While the comrades’ closer people are trying some legal diligences seeking for the satisfaction of their demands, solidarian comrades in the outside have made demonstrations and incendiaries actions on streets and outside prisons where comrades are arrested.

Comrades’ health is not well. For example, Juan started with 61kl. and he was on 54kl, ten days ago. Guillermo started hunger strike on April 14 weighing 91 kl. (Approx.), on May 9 he was weighing 83 kl. Comrade Nataly is under 50 kl.

Here we have some words from comrades Juan, Enrique and Guillermo:

Words from comrade Juan Flores:

“Well!!! As I had already said on previous occasions … this is our response to all the barbarity and bastard police maneuvers that Power unleashed against us; from that September 18, 2014, Power has continued haunting us to perpetuate fear between our closest ones, with the intention of letting us into oblivion. Clearly, their attempts have been in vain. Solidarity is latent and far from police / court / State terror.

On the 26th day of hunger strike, we have walked hand in hand with each gesture of solidarity, turning into practice all our conviction by the unconditional breath of our comrades, friends, relatives and the support between ourselves. Words of encouragement, love and strength that we daily receive, strengthening us and extending our decision.

Juan Flores

1st wing, Santiago 1 Prison,

Santiago, Chile.

Words from comrade Enrique Guzman:

On my 10th day of hunger strike I decided to end it in order to maintain mental clarity and cope as best I could, with the ordeal of confinement, of my closure and the closure of my friends.

But I would like to make clear, to the clowns Raul Guzman and Orellana (prosecutors), this does not mean they have served their purpose, but quite the opposite. Now more than ever I declare as their enemy, which is the main reason the police had to arrest me too. However, it doesn’t means that I assume responsibility for acts for which I am accused.

I and my brothers have declared their enemies, and that is why we are enclosed; but they never have succeeded in silence us. Neither the walls nor its bastard guards have been enough to silence the shouts of insurrection. We will certainly impede the normal operation of the existing, because it bothers us, because we understand that arrests like ours, seeks to perpetuate their dominance over slaves’ society, because we know that terrorists are only the State and the businessmen, and with cases like ours they want to spread “terror” in those that are in the limbo between conformity or attack, passivity or action.

That’s why I decided to report the facts that I live, to our environment which is today harassed by the police, to not be intimidated, (…) [spreading] confrontations with the power like volcanoes, and reminding us that chaos is unavoidable (…) Health, love and strength to my brothers that continue the hunger strike to get our demands.

Enrique Guzman

35th wing, Santiago 1 Prison,

Santiago, Chile.

Words from comrade Guillermo Duran:

I would like writing about my health condition in this hunger strike that we started on April 14th (…) We maintain the decision to continue the strike and radicalize it if our demands are not heard, accepted and resolved.

I also thank to all the gestures and solidarity actions carried out in the streets and prisons, demonstrations and meetings, fight and scattering with no mesure by individuals and active, conscious and militant organizations. I give thanks for the words of support from different brothers/sisters, from this land as more distant, messages of love and war expressed for minds and hearts free from the dominion of fear. I have no more to do that to correspond all of this, sending strength and affection for imprisoned brothers/sisters in the dungeons of Chile, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Czech Rep., Italy, Mexico, and all around the world where the control and domination of the states exists, as well as brothers/sisters fighting against this reality, in the ways they deemed necessary.

About my health situation, I am in good condition, some discomfort such as dizziness, muscle, abdominal and head aches that have been subsiding with rest and taking replenishers concoctions (it made me quite difficult to consume only water, so I decided take herbal water with honey and sugar, oat milk and fruit juices).

(…) So, for now, affection and strength to everybody who fight against domain. Love and strength for my comrades Juan, Naty (Nataly) and Weso (Enrique).

Guillermo Duran

In total house arrest.


by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras

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