Greece: Incendiary attack against the offices of an insurance and a shipping company (Athens, 22/05/2015)


Inter Arma received and translated:

“My hands don’t get used to the artificial connection in virtual universes. Connected lives in wireless networks, my eyes search for the eternal fire of rebellion among the multitude of corpses and only in isolated gazes, the conscious individual emerges with dagger eyes that resists dying in the democratic cemetery. Before going to sleep I embrace chaos as an idea that liberates my body and my mind Because after all, it makes me feel alive. I do not want to search for the grail that will liberate future societies. My fingers search for the bloody flight of the destruction of the chains of the rhythmic fire, of the close fire of power and its masters.”

Mauricio Morales Duarte

This day, six years ago, comrade Mauricio Morales was heading to the school for prison guards in Santiago, in distant Chile, when suddenly the bomb, which he intended to place there, exploded prematurely depriving him of his life. Six years later, today at dawn, we carried out a double arson attack as a minimum tribute to the memory of the comrade.

We mined a two-storey building on Vouliagmenis avenue in Elliniko, where the offices of the insurance company Groupama Insurance (a subsidiary of the multinational banking group with the same name) and the offices of the multinational shipping company McQuilling Partners are co-located, placing four improvised incendiary devices. With this action we do not anticipate an impact on or the understanding by neither the willingly obedient mass of peaceful citizens nor the irredentist “professionals” of the movement. Of course, the recognition and appropriation of anarchist violent action by young comrades is a positive perspective. However, we do not see this as a condition or constraint for going on the offensive. That would be hypocritical, because part of our mentality and orientation, beyond the theoretical constitution and practice, remains the constant satisfaction of our instincts and desires, something which is far from negligible.

The reference to comrades who acted in past eras, even in other countries of the world, doesn’t aspire to be part of some sort of encyclopaedic record to be used by all types publicist and forgers of history and of our struggle. Neither do we want to give lessons of revolutionary history. Besides, the people more appropriate to talk about struggles of the past are the comrades who are in enemy hands for their choices and the people close to those who fell in battle. Through our actions, we keep alive the memory of the fallen and embody from our bastion the vision of those who were captured by the state!

Every gesture, every word, every syllable, every smile and every breath of anarchist fighters is proof that the anarchist war against the status quo doesn’t retreat, doesn’t get bought, intimidated or compromised and finally that it remains on the edge of the razor of the struggles for individual and collective liberation, despite the continuous suppressive shielding of domination by all means and the hits the anarchist structures and comrades have taken worldwide. The lives of our comrades are priceless and irreplaceable!

Our solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist comrades co-exists in the struggle itself and is daily verified via small and big actions. It is not activated by the method of a metaphysical or petty political automation, because in that case it simply doesn’t exist. Our solidarity is a condition of constant war against the world of authority and a sinful comradely relationship that sometimes remains hidden, like childhood loves, and conspires away from the prying eyes of the babylonian society and sometimes is unpredictably expressed by desecrating the sacred social values. Solidarity with the comrades in war, before and after the prosecutions, with or without a hunger strike!

Through this action of ours, we are given the chance to talk about some serious cases that take place not only in Greece but in Chile also, and about which, we’d like to say so much and do much more:

1. Today, the appeal court of Revolutionary Struggle started in the special court of Korydallos prisons, where Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis, members of the organization and comrades Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Christoforos Kortesis are being trialed. We are confident that the imperious attitude of all comrades, just like in the first trial of the organization, will be a source of inspiration and a bright example of fighting for the rebellious of our generation. A raised fist for the wanted revolutionary Pola Roupa who has claimed responsibility for her participation in the organization. We never forget nor forgive the death of Lambros Fountas, who fell dead with his gun in his hand by police gunfire. Let the anarchist fighters’ trials become convictions of the state and the bosses!

2. Since April 14, comrades Juan Flores, Guillermo Duran and Nataly Casanova, prisoners of war of the Chilean state, are on a hunger strike claiming, inter alia, the end of prosecutions based on DNA and the end of harassments towards their friendly and family environment. (Without any intention to prioritize, we deliberately mention these certain demands, as they remind us of the recent mass hunger strike of the anarchist prisoners in our country and highlight the clearance in which both the struggles inside prison and also the state repressive practices in two different continents take place). Since May 18, in solidarity with their struggle, rebellious prisoners Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Carlos Gutiérrez, Juan Aliste, Alejandro Astorga, Hans Niemeyer, Alfredo Canales are also on a hunger strike. Strenght to the imprisoned hunger strikers in Chile!

Let our rebellious existence and aggressive activity haunt the metropolises of capitalism and the rotten social status quo…

Because when in your heart freedom, love and anarchy accompany its attacks, anarchy doesn’t die in the mouth but triumphs in active hands.



For wild life and freedom

For the International Conspiracy of Revenge


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