Poland: Banner drop in solidarity with anarchists in Greece (Kielce)


Inter Arm received:

solidarity with greek anarchist fighters

solidarity with black praxis

Referendum in Greece doesn’t really matter. Revolutionary Struggle is keep going besides that referendum is state and capital tool of oppression. Honor to Conspiracy Cells of Fire Nuclei, Revolutionary Struggle, Combative Anarchy / FAI-IRF, International Revolutionary Front, Prison Cells, Federation Informal Anarchista and to all Solidarity Acts.

Say you want an insurrection.

Kielce 06/07/2015

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  1. napalmhead says:

    Days of marching up and down town of nazis are about to end!

    State and Capital are using them! Blind with fear fools! Every next march od ONR, NOP, NSZ, Młodzież Wszechpolska or any fascist group will be observed and attack!

    There is no antifa in Poland, they exist only in Internet.

    We’re not them, we love our hate and we praise our will to Attack!

    You may call police now, there is only few of your core members!



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