Belgium: “The struggle against the maxi-prison in Brussels – A chronology of attack and antagonism”


Inter Arma received:

The Belgian State has been announcing it for some time: building 13 new modern and efficient prisons.

As part of this new master-plan the State wants to build a maxi-prison in Haren, northern Brussels. It is intended as the largest prison in the country, a genuine prison town that would include five different prisons on the same terrain. It would then lock up at least 1,200 men, women and children.

With the fight against the construction of this monstrosity raging on, this 48-page publication features analysis and a chronology of attack from the past two and a half years of struggle against this project.


– No new prisons, no maxi-prison in Brussels!

– The struggle against building a maxi-prison and the offensive of power

– No maxi-prison, not here, nor anywhere!

– Let’s rebel against the construction of a maxi-prison

– On your marks, get set, go!

– To the undesirables

– Break the ranks

– For the insurrection

– Sabotage

– To the uncontrollables

– Chronology of attack & antagonism


For antagonistic struggle,

Person(s) Unknown Publications

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