Poland: Text in solidarity with anarchist Spyros Mandylas and anarchist squat Nadir


Inter Arma received:

Solidarity with comrade Spyros Mandylas and squat Nadir!

20th of May 2015, a group of 6 people invaded squat Nadir and for an hour and half kept torturing Spyros Mandylas present there. In effect comrade Mandylas had to be hospitalized, due to injuries of head, hands and legs. Several stitches were applied to his right leg.

Whatever was the reason for the assault, there is no justification for attacking the comrade who has not yet recovered after his 54-day famine strike. The strike in which he risked his life. The assailants felled so low that they used police-style methods to extract information from the comrade and they tried to lure another comrade into a trap.

Due to his unyielding attitude, in front of the state and his brotherly approach towards his comrades, Spiros deserves our support and trust.

Solidarity with S. Mandylas and all who support him.

Solidarity with the Nadir squat.

Stay strong.

Editors of grecjawogniu.info

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