Chile: 5 arrests for an incendiary attack against a police station

In November 2014 a group of hooded people chained the doors of the Homicide Police Department premises before tossing incendiary bombs at the police den and burning out a cop’s car.  The hooded ones managed to go off undisturbed without the police intervening. After seven months of “investigation” the police raided the homes of 5 comrades and accused them of having participated in the incendiary attack. They were arrested in the early hours of 2nd July in several houses in Santiago of Chile on charges of possession of weapons (molotov bottles) and one of the comrades was also charged with possession of incendiary material. The 8th Court ordered pre-trial detention and the comrades were taken to the women’s prison of San Miguel and to the Empresa Santiago 1 prison.

Friends and families who had gathered outside the court to express solidarity clashed with police and journalists. The police stated they started tracking the comrades after they found footprints on a plastic bag and also overalls used in the attack abandoned in a university building near the place of the action.  Following the cops’ interpretation of phone tapping, 4 arrests were subsequently made and DNA samples taken from cigarette butts and food containers so as to compare them with those found on the overalls.


Source: Act for freedom now!

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