Greece: Poster, text and banners about the cases of Nikos Romanos and Evi Statiri and Athina Tsakalou

Inter Arma received and translated:

“Reach where you can’t”


For 4 months, the state keeps the comrade of  G.Tsakalos, Evi Statiri, as a prisoner and his and C.Tsakalos’ mother, Athina Tsakalou, isolated on the island of Salamina, depriving her of the capability of contacting her children.

These persecutions serve as revenge for the war the members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire have declared and continue to wage even from within the prison walls, who didn’t stop hunting their freedom, preparing the destruction of their prison themselves.

Comrades Aggeliki Spyropoulou and Christos Rodopoulos are in pre-trial detention for the same case.

At the same time, the prison council denies anarchist Nikos Romanos the prison leaves he won with his hunger strike.

Several kilometers away, in Chile, comrades Nataly, Juan and Guillermo started a hunger strike demanding, among other things, the release of comrade Enrique Guzman. The hunger strike ended after the release of Enrique. But four days latter, the bastards of the prison council, annulled that decision and returned the comrade to the prison of Santiago.

We, from our side, know that we cannot wait for anything to be given to us by our persecutors. The solidarity with unrepentant anarchists is continuous, aggressive and what will tear down every form of imprisonment.

Until their escape we are in complicity with and next to anarchist armed guerrillas.

Revenge of nothing

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