Chile: Anarchist comrade detained for carrying an explosive device

During the morning of August 1st, 2015, anarchist comrade Ignacio Munoz Delgado age 20 was arrested. Plainclothes police officers performing preventive controls in the community of Lo Prado in Santiago saw a suspicious person dressed in black riding a bike and decided to arrest them on the corner of Camino de Loyola and Sergio Valdovinos avenues.

Police say they found an improvised explosive device in Ignacio’s possession that consisted of a canister filled with about a kilo of black powder with a fuse attached to it. They also say they found pamphlets expressing solidarity with the comrades who were arrested for the arson attack against the PDI (Homicide Investigation Brigade). The pamphlets contained the following text:

“As long as the cops keep hostages and think that they are immune from attack the attacks will keep getting closer to the filthy city life. This is just a small taste of what is to come.

Amaru, Natalia, Manuel, Felipe and Maria Paza.

The bastard children of the street!”

Ignacio was taken to number 44 police station where police took DNA samples from him. The mercenary scavengers of the state, the press cameramen were present however the comrade kept his head held high and spat defiantly as he passed them.

The case was taken by the Southern District’s alleged bombings specialist who decided to formally charge the comrade with possession of an explosive device as well as carrying a knife. It is still unclear whether the comrade will be charged under the arms control law or the anti-terrorism law.

The Fifth Court ruled that there will be a 5 month investigative period in addition to preventive detention for the comrade who remains held hostage inside Santiago Prison Number 1.

Insurgent solidarity with Ignacio Munoz!

Neither anti-terrorist laws nor arms control law, Ignacio to the streets!


Source: Insurrection news

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