Scotland: ATM torched (Edinburgh, 17/08/2015)

Bryce 5.5 render enhanced in Photoshop

Inter Arma received:

The paths of darkness and fire are those which bestow the most pure moments of life.

Accompanied by a fox wandering around the parking where I was, the night of the 17/08 I set fire to an ATM outside a Morrisons supermarket with gasoline, clearly for my pleasure and my satisfaction. I chose this target because it was an easy one for my level of organization. I don’t see myself as the “oppressed” who fights against the “oppressors” but as an egoist who attacks everything that confines the pleasure of the interaction between me and my surroundings and decreases the possibilities for me to live chaotic moments beyond any systematization of the state, society, civilization, whether it is pneumatic or material. There is absolutely no political motive or planning behind this action, as for me politics, whichever meaning it may be given remains hostile to me being a microbe of the Purpose and thus a chain of the ego. I do not speak about any “injustice” nor do I have any tendency towards heroism, things that in front of the chaotic existence are non-existent. The iconoclastic attack doesn’t acknowledge any self sacrifice for any ideal and manifested with as many ways as the individuals themselves, it ends only with the destruction of the individual. The attack is total and it stabs even one’s own self.

With my mind to all the imprisoned comrades of falconries, zoos, the cities and all national nature reserves maintained by the state and private protectors of the civilized interpretation of the natural world, who seek to “protect”, control and watch every last bit of earth and non-human life out of need for more profit and research for the god of Science which seeks to “understand” and objectify everything, making humans see anything outside of them as images of another world, alienating and barricading them inside the invisible walls of Civilization. Those non-human comrades are prisoners of Human and Civilization. And all the rest non-human animals that the defenders of the system of civilization stack their corpses for its regular maintenance through the voluntary subjection of the mechanized mass, for the same mass as it is perpetuators of Profit and the subject of Progress at the same time. I’m not saying these in a context of unconditional love or idealization of the non-human comrades trying to produce victimization or become a representative but out of hate for the anthropocentric ghost of Humanity and the toxins of essentiality it secretes making clear its links to the putrefying society that is a product of the western dominant civilization and its culture. My respect to all comrades who instead of fighting with ghosts have chosen the self-realization of their egos. To those who understand that we ourselves become part of authority as long as we keep relations with terms ghosts which we give them life. These ghosts of conscience perpetuate the structures that consolidate the relations of domination and alienation.

I laugh at the moralistic terrorists, those moral judges and priests of the sacred ghost of Nature who shout as they say “Nature is good, Civilization is bad”, whatever they do they will always be fighting with ghosts. And ghosts will compel them to do so.

With this action I salute a friend that left away and some egoist, nihilist comrades from Greece. I also greet back Grupusculo: “Consejo del Uehuetlatolli” although I want to make it clear that there are many perceptual differences between me and the groups of Wild Reaction, which I don’t intend to mention in this text.

In a place where anarchy is just culture, alternativism and rotting in fossilized social spaces I choose to march on my own paths. Here where the sterilized society has made self-repression a way of life the state doesn’t even need to lift a finger towards this direction.

Tear down anthropocentrism, biocentrism, ecocentrism and bury deep every morality.

Tear down society and all its constructs which haunt the individual conscience.

Tear down civilization and the repression of desires it creates confining the ego from experiencing chaos.

Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience “Falcon Of Chaos”

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