Greece: “About Evi’s struggle” by Gerasimos Tsakalos


Inter Arma received and translated:

For seven months now, my partner Evi Statiri is imprisoned in the cells of democracy. Her only “crime” is her personal relationship with me. At the same time, my mother A. Tsakalou is exiled to the island of Salamina by decision of the judicial junta.

For seven months now, authority experiments by expanding the circle of repression against the friends and relatives of political prisoners. Their purpose is to disseminate fear in the people in solidarity with them and to put urban guerrillas in a special kind of quarantine. Authority seeks through criminalization of friendly-family relations to cripple all bonds of solidarity that go beyond the prison walls and feed the struggle for freedom. In this moment, the police-judicial apparatus of authority tests the strength of our world, which has not learned to bend its head and calculates its reactions. Our every step back is winning ground for the totalitarianism of the beast of the state.

Fear tends to expand itself… What is tested against political prisoners today, if not slaughtered at birth, will grow like a plague striking everyone and anyone who wants to live in a rebellious way without orders and managers of their life. There are many things I want to say, but such moments actions speak better than words. Since September 14, Evi has started a hunger strike for her release. Since September 14, I am next to her, as she was  next to me in recent years, going on a hunger strike myself despite the strong disagreement of the doctors because of the short period which has passed from the end of the previous hunger strike in which I have participated. My only demand is the release of Evi. My hunger strike is now my only weapon as a prisoner to stand in solidarity with Evi. It’s part of the multiform solidarity that has already been expressed across Greece from the milieu of struggle and anarchy. Because of this, there is no need to disorientate the edge of the struggle for Evi’s liberation with references to my hunger strike and my name. As I said before, my hunger strike is my way to say that I am present in this movement of the people in solidarity. It is my contribution to the solidarity actions which  accelerate to derail history through anarchy, the history which as long as it is written by law, judges, cops and authority we will never recognize it as our own.

Let the struggle for Evi’s liberation and the end of the prosecutions against the relatives and friends of political prisoners, be the detonator for restarting the anarchist attack, reclaiming the streets, igniting the barricades, sharpening of desires, urban guerrilla warfare, the bet of total liberation.


“And if we don’t die for each other, we are already dead”


Tsakalos Gerasimos, member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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