Chile: “Our day will come…”, publication about the attempted prison escape of the imprisoned members of CCF


Inter Arma received:

Attending solidarity call to Evi Statiri we share with you a book which speaks about what triggered after the arrest of the fugitive Christos Xiros, the discovery of an escape plan to escape from Korydallos prison by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Imprisoned Members Cell; the subsequent manhunt against comrade Aggeliki Spyropoulo and her detention with relatives and friends of CCF comrades, and finally, the hunger strike for over 30 days in which they put their lives at risk.

It also has a prologue by CCF, imprisoned members cell.

We are interested that the experiences of CCF`s escape attempt and subsequent hunger strike could be transmitted as an expression of anarchic ability to build our offense in an autonomous way, as a part of our defense and dissemination of every indomitable and antagonist attitude against Power.

The most of the text were taken from the related anarchic webs.

Also, this book has a Spanish version, with translations made by us and other comrades.

Without another word, we share this book with you.

Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, anti-authoritarian agitation group.
Chile, 2015.


Book PDF

Prologue by the imprisoned members of CCF:

Because the land of captivity is not for us…

On 3 January, the fugitive Christodoulos Xiros was arrested in Athens. He is an individual with intense and ridiculous Marxist fantasies and the only things which now connect us with him are repulsion, distaste and dislike. Within the next hours and days, the police discovers two hideouts, many heavy weapons (8 Kalashnikov rifles, pistols, an RPG rocket launcher, rockets and over 300 kilos of explosives), stolen vehicles and electronic files containing encoded correspondence which shows that we, the imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, were planning to escape from prison, blowing up its outer wall (with a 150 kilos car-bomb), confronting prison guards and cops armed and escaping in a stolen van to the land of freedom, clandestinity and continuation of anarchist direct action, of which we were so much deprived for 5 or 4 years, while we were imprisoned in the dungeons of authority.

Our thirst for freedom and our refusal to be assimilated in the herd of the prisoners who endure their captivity quietly and uncomplainingly until they are normally released one day, the desire for the continuation of the anarchist attack that burns within us, could only make us think and plan our escape, every day, all these years.

An escape which was eventually canceled at the last minute. But authority doesn’t forget easily those who doubt it, consciously and with actions, even while being imprisoned. From the first moment our escape plan was discovered, an all-out war started against us. Already from the first night, police special forces (EKAM) along with officers of the counter-terrorism agency invaded our cells in order to investigate them, something which is repeated after a while, they confiscated our personal belongings (correspondence, agendas, USB sticks etc.) while comrades and members of CCF Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos were transferred to the underground isolation wing of the women’s section of Korydallos prison, being followed by comrades Giorgos Polydoros and Haris Hatzimihelakis not many hours after. After a few days they tried to hastily transfer comrades Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos to an unknown location but the attempt failed in the face of the dynamic reaction of the comrades. All this operation of breaking up the members of CCF didn’t happen by chance, as they very well know that in this way they would deprive us of our most precious and at the same time most essential weapon: our cohesion and united dynamic on any level.

At the same time begins a slandering war against us by the media, which presented us as ruthless criminals who wanted to cause a carnage with passing by civilians as victims and that we co-operate with mafia members in order to control prison. They even presented random excerpts from our correspondence to support all kinds of dirt against us.

All this time, anarchist comrade Aggeliki Spyropoulou had chosen the rough path of clandestinity in order for her not to surrender her freedom to the Executioners of Justice. Since 03/01 and after the hideout of CCF was discovered, the comrade was forced to go underground, as the cops and media were presenting her as our main accomplice in the coming attack plan against Korydallos prison.

Aggeliki neither bargained for her freedom nor did she apologize to any vermin of authority. Her choice was dignified in every way as we know what clandestinity means from our own experience.

But the vindictive fury of authority doesn’t stop here. On the first days of March, some friends of our relatives who are accused of being members of CCF, were arrested. On 02/03/2015, following a police operation in the house of Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos, Aggeliki, their mother and the wife of the latter were arrested. The are not only accused for criminal harboring but also of being members of CCF and were detained while a few days after, the brother of comrade Giorgos Polydoros was also arrested. Since 02/03/2015 all the imprisoned members of CCF and Aggeliki Spyropoulou started a hunger strike until death, demanding only the release of our relatives. After 32 days of hunger strike and while comrade Mihalis Nikolopoulos was in danger of losing his life, comrade Giorgos Polydoros was facing a serious health problem as his heart-beats had reached 20-25 per
minute, Olga Ekonomidou had lost more than 20% of her initial body weight reaching 40 kilos and Panagiotis Argyrou was suffering a temporary stomach gastritis which caused him serious pain, the mother of Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos was released and it was announced that the detention of Gerasimos’ wife is ceased. During the hunger strike all the friends of our relatives were released on restrictive terms.

But somewhere around here, the narration of the facts stops and another narration begins. A dark and conspiratorial narration. The narration of a story which unfolds in the iron-clad land of captivity. There, where space and time are joined with barbed wire and the infinite cement is the only possible dimension. A land where you count your life as it is being spent and wasted until it is drowned in the asphyxia of total normality. Days which start and end inside the endless dullness of the most grey daily routine.

A land where life starts with the unlocking of the door and ends with its locking. A life which howls and strives to breathe freedom between four walls.

This life is not for us.

From the first day of our imprisonment, the only thing we cared for is how would we find ourselves again in the trenches of wild freedom. A freedom that no prison paper or court could give us.

A freedom on our own terms.

We were never afraid of walking the path of clandestinity. On the contrary we loved that path, as on it we felt free to experience the most fierce moments of attack against the sick existent. Moments which we miss, which we recreate with an unquenchable longing and a commitment to ourselves that the journey is not over for us.

It wasn’t the first time we tried to brake our shackles. On 2011 some of us (Mihalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polydoros, Theofilos Mavropoulos) tried to escape from Korydallos prison, an attempt which resulted in a prison guards hostage situation.

But we didn’t give up. We kept on putting forward new ideas, new plans and new escape projects, which never became a reality due to unpredictable incidents (at the start of 2013, following some arrests for bank robberies, the cops discovered a CCF plan according to which they were to escape prison with a helicopter) finally reaching to the recent escape plan which we were organizing for a whole year and where an unfortunate event was enough for it to be canceled at the last moment.

Maybe our plan didn’t succeed but doesn’t rest on the triumph of us not escaping. The attack against us manifested in the barrage of arrests of our friends and relatives but also in the arrests of people we didn’t even know and had nothing to do with us, the slandering and the mud against us is the reminder of the fact that authority has a memory and takes revenge not only for the things we do or did, but also for the things we want and plan to do. A revenge that is turned ruthlessly not only against us who are ready to spit them in the face no matter how deep they bury us but also against the persons we love and love us. And this only to cause us internal pain, hoping that in this way they will overcome our will. That they will crash us and make us capitulate.

But insurrection doesn’t capitulate and we, as lovers of freedom and of permanent anarchist revolt, are not going to give up.

No matter how hard they try to bend us, we will stand tall with our heads held high.

No matter how hard they try to crash us, we will find new ways of showing that insurrection lives within us.

Because in our minds and in our hearts burns the unquenchable flame of anarchy that always seeks the path to freedom.

Nothing is over.

And so this narration doesn’t end here. History has yet to tell about things we dream of and for which we will fight with clenched teeth and steely decisiveness.

Because the circle hasn’t closed yet.

Because the phoenix will be reborn from its ashes.

Because our day will come.

If we have learned something from the iron bars, is never to bend.

To all those comrades who care for us and look at here, at this dark hole of the world, to all those brothers and sisters we send a big fiery hug. We hope to meet you in the land of freedom. And if you are far away and we will never meet, you will always be next to us, in our heart and thoughts.


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Imprisoned Members Cell.

(The prologue was translated by Inter Arma)

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