Chile: Incendiary attack against the Chilean Air Force


In a political scenario of obvious decomposition of the traditional representative forces comes a wide range of proposals seeking to reform the model of domination by constructing ‘popular’ ways to administer power, our choice continues to be a complete break from the world of authority as the only way out from the catastrophe of domination.

And with this break, direct attacks against the institutions and representatives of power continue to propagate the need for individual and collective revolt for the destruction of the existant social order as our search for freedom continues.

Armed with these ideas transformed into a few grams of gunpowder, a few liters of gasoline and a trigger mechanism that allowed us time to make a safe exit, we launched an incendiary attack in the early hours of October 6th against the Chilean Air Force Personnel Command Religious Service building located on Cienfuegos street in central Santiago. This was carried out at such a time and with a small incendiary load in order to prevent passers-by being harmed as they are not the target of our attacks.

For reasons unknown to us, our device did not generate the damage we expected it to. However, when looking at the effectiveness of this action, the planning, implementation and realization of it alone shows that anarchist attack is still possible – that power is vulnerable and not everything is under their control.

The motivation for our action was not just impunity towards the repression that occurred during the dictatorship, but also the very existence of the Armed Forces itself that we struck as part of the continuous attack against all manifestations of the State (democratic, dictatorial, popular) and against all forms of domination.

With this action we continue the trajectory that was initiated by other revolutionaries who engaged in armed struggle against the impunity of the repressors that has been sustained by the agreement between the current ruling elite and the agents of the dictatorship that ensured a peacefully negotiated transition towards democracy.

Once more we call on all enemies of oppression to contribute to the diffusion of attacks against power as part of the broad struggle of confrontation to regain our lives.

Rebellious actions and the fires of insurrection can materialize in many ways however we need to sharpen our discourse and our praxis so that simple acts connect with more forceful actions.

It is important that these actions are well planned but it is equally crucial to sharpen our awareness of our actions and their consequences. The correspondence between types of discourse and types of action always calls for a break from the complacency that ensnares the struggle and to break from the idea of violence against oppressors being motivated purely by simple youthful adrenaline.

All actions contribute, but not all are the same.

Strengthening and deepening our ideas prevents situations such as the placing of a banner being claimed with guerrilla style language or incendiary/explosive actions being claimed with simplistic ‘against everything and for nothing’ type discourse.

Let’s dispense with the vagueness and self-referential pompousness.

We did not invent gunpowder, in other words we are not super humans who are removed from reality. We are anti-authoritarian comrades conspiring in affinity and informality speaking with facts to call for the diffusion of attacks against power. We face not only the servants of authority who condemn acts of revolutionary violence but also those who minimize their inaction via critiques that make accusations of militaristic fetishism.

Anybody who believes that the attacks can be further enhanced, then get to work! We have already begun.

Once again our thoughts are with all the comrades in prison. Much strength to Juan Flores and Nataly Casanova; to Marcelo Villaroel, Juan Aliste and Freddy Fuentevilla; Natalia Collado and Javier Pino; Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Francisco Solar and Monica Caballero in Spain; Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai in Italy; Fernando Barcenas who is recovering from two hunger strikes in Mexico; Marco Camenish in Switzerland; and to the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece.

Greetings to all anti-authoritarian action groups around the world and to all Informal Anarchist Federation cells.



Anarchist Arson Attack Cell ‘Fire and Consciousness’

Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front – Chile


Source: Insurrection News

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